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Schneider Lab Publications

Members of the Schneider Lab frequently publish the results of their research in high-profile journals. Read the latest papers to learn more about our work.

Recent Publications

Non-canonical mRNA translation initiation in cell stress and cancer

Mahé, Mélanie; Rios-Fuller, Tiffany; Katsara, Olga; Schneider, Robert J

NAR cancer. 2024 Jun ; 6:zcae026

Engineered coiled-coil HIF1α protein domain mimic

Britton, Dustin; Katsara, Olga; Mishkit, Orin; Wang, Andrew; Pandya, Neelam; Liu, Chengliang; Mao, Heather; Legocki, Jakub; Jia, Sihan; Xiao, Yingxin; Aristizabal, Orlando; Paul, Deven; Deng, Yan; Schneider, Robert; Wadghiri, Youssef Z; Montclare, Jin Kim

Biomaterials science. 2024 May 28; 12:2951-2959

Coiled-Coil Protein Hydrogels Engineered with Minimized Fiber Diameters for Sustained Release of Doxorubicin in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Britton, Dustin; Legocki, Jakub; Paul, Deven; Katsara, Olga; Aristizabal, Orlando; Pandya, Neelam; Mishkit, Orin; Xiao, Yingxin; Aristizabal, Matias; Rahman, Neha; Schneider, Robert; Wadghiri, Youssef Z; Montclare, Jin Kim

ACS biomaterials science & engineering. 2024 May 13; 10:3425-3437

eIF2Bδ blocks the integrated stress response and maintains eIF2B activity and cancer metastasis by overexpression in breast cancer stem cells

Gupta, Malavika; Walters, Beth A; Katsara, Olga; Granados Blanco, Karol; Geter, Phillip A; Schneider, Robert J

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS). 2023 Apr 11; 120:e2207898120

Macrophage-Derived 25-Hydroxycholesterol Promotes Vascular Inflammation, Atherogenesis, and Lesion Remodeling

Canfrán-Duque, Alberto; Rotllan, Noemi; Zhang, Xinbo; Andrés-Blasco, Irene; Thompson, Bonne M; Sun, Jonathan; Price, Nathan L; Fernández-Fuertes, Marta; Fowler, Joseph W; Gómez-Coronado, Diego; Sessa, William C; Giannarelli, Chiara; Schneider, Robert J; Tellides, George; McDonald, Jeffrey G; Fernández-Hernando, Carlos; Suárez, Yajaira

Circulation. 2023 Jan 31; 147:388-408

Genetics of enzymatic dysfunctions in metabolic disorders and cancer

Mahé, Mélanie; Rios-Fuller, Tiffany J; Karolin, Andrea; Schneider, Robert J

Frontiers in oncology. 2023 Aug ; 13:1230934

DDX60 selectively reduces translation off viral type II internal ribosome entry sites

Sadic, Mohammad; Schneider, William M; Katsara, Olga; Medina, Gisselle N; Fisher, Ashley; Mogulothu, Aishwarya; Yu, Yingpu; Gu, Meigang; de Los Santos, Teresa; Schneider, Robert J; Dittmann, Meike

EMBO reports. 2022 Oct 18; e55218

Inflammatory Breast Cancer: The Secretome of HCMV+ Tumor-Associated Macrophages Enhances Proliferation, Invasion, Colony Formation, and Expression of Cancer Stem Cell Markers

Mohamed, Hossam Taha; El-Sharkawy, Aya Ali; El-Shinawi, Mohamed; Schneider, Robert J.; Mohamed, Mona Mostafa

Frontiers in oncology. 2022 Jun 30; 12:?-?