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Scientific Cores & Shared Resources Anti-infectives Screening Core

Anti-infectives Screening Core

NYU Langone's Anti-infectives Screening Core facilitates preclinical drug development for neglected parasitic diseases.

We enable quick and accurate in vitro and in vivo testing of drugs and other candidates, such as antibodies and peptides, against diseases that have murine models of infection. As a researcher, you have access to the specialized facilities and expertise available in NYU Langone's Department of Microbiology.

Our experts are here to help you examine the activity of potential anti-infectives for four neglected tropical diseases: malaria, Chagas disease (also referred to as South American trypanosomiasis), human African trypanosomiasis, and leishmaniasis.

It may also be possible to study other infectious diseases in murine models, depending on the interests of our internal and external researchers.

Contact Us

The Anti-infectives Screening Core is located in Manhattan, within the Department of Microbiology, 341 East 25th Street, room 506. To learn more about the Anti-infectives Screening Core, contact Ana Rodriguez, PhD, director, at, 212-263-6757 (office), or 212-263-8116 (lab).

To request an in vivo or in vitro assay, submit either the online in vivo assay or in vitro assay form.