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Immune Monitoring Laboratory Immune Monitoring Laboratory Services & Instruments

Immune Monitoring Laboratory Services & Instruments

The immune system’s complex role in disease and therapy can be monitored in different ways, from classical immunoassays to high-parameter single-cell analysis. The Immune Monitoring Laboratory offers both self-service and full-service pipelines designed to meet the diverse needs of researchers and clinical investigators, particularly those without dedicated laboratories.

Our project consultation and data review ensure the most effective approach to immune monitoring. We provide expert knowledge that guides the choice of technologies used for a study. We also coordinate the purchase, quality control, and use of reagents.

Additionally, we facilitate the exchange of ideas across disciplines, serving as a hub for immune monitoring at NYU Langone. We are happy to write letters of intent or review grant proposals free of charge.

For more information about the services we provide, please call us at 646-501-2437, or email us at

Our Instruments and Services

Service Instruments Capabilities Location
Project planning and data review NA NA NA
Cell Processing Muse Guava Viable cell counting Medical Science Building (MSB) 362
Luminex Luminex 200 100 analytes MSB 362
INTELLIFLEX 100 analytes; 5.5 log detection range MSB 362
Biotek EL 406 Plate washer and dispenser MSB 362
IsoLight IsoLight—CodePlex Fully automated on-chip multiplex ELISA MSB 362
IsoLight—IsoCode Single-cell proteomics MSB 362
Flow Cytometry Panel design, sample staining and acquisition, and data analysis. Offered as a transdisciplinary core collaboration with the Cytometry and Cell Sorting Laboratory. NA
Mass Cytometry
CITE-seq, ECCITE-seq Offered as a transdisciplinary core collaboration with the Genome Technology Center. NA