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Precision Immunology Laboratory Precision Immunology Laboratory Services

Precision Immunology Laboratory Services

The immune system’s complex role in disease and therapy can be monitored in different ways, from classical immunoassays to high-parameter cell-by-cell analysis. The Precision Immunology Laboratory offers both self-service and full-service pipelines designed to meet the diverse needs of researchers and clinical investigators, particularly those without dedicated laboratories.

Our project consultation and data review ensure the most effective approach to immune monitoring. We provide expert knowledge that guides the choice of technologies used for a study. We also coordinate the purchase, quality control, and use of reagents.

Additionally, we facilitate the exchange of ideas across disciplines, serving as a hub for immune monitoring at NYU Langone. We are happy to write letters of intent or review grant proposals free of charge.

Our services are offered either as stand-alone (à la carte) self and guided services for immune monitoring or as a packaged full-service pipeline for innovative high-parameter technologies. The consultation and data review phases offer a centralized means to connect investigators and studies, and align work with the broader goals of NYU Langone’s Perlmutter Cancer Center.

Our stand-alone services include high-quality cell processing and storage to support correlative studies. These services allow convenient batched analysis of trial samples, which reduces the possibility of experiment-to-experiment error or technical artifacts.

A two-person staff purifies peripheral blood mononuclear cells daily from clinic visits, after they have been logged by NYU Langone’s Center for Biospecimen Research and Development, and a third staff member is available for on-demand and after-hours processing. Samples are cryopreserved on-site in temperature-monitored LN2 freezers for short-term storage. For long-term storage, samples are transferred to Novare Biologistics, an off-site cGMP-compliant, New York State-licensed, and FDA-registered biorepository.

We routinely assess the quality of processing and cryopreservation. Our laboratory meets the performance targets for cell viability and recovery necessary for certification by the Integrated Biobank of Luxembourg, an internationally recognized authority in the biorepository field. Starting mid-2018, we offer a service for isolating tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes using dissociation protocols optimized for various tumor tissues.

Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry is a major component of our services. A wide array of flow cytometry technology is available to users at Perlmutter Cancer Center, along with expert service and training. Sterile fluorescence-activated cell sorting (17 colors) is routinely performed with options for high-speed (50K cells per second), single-cell deposition (into polymerase chain reaction plates), and BSL-3 sorting for unscreened or infected human material. Data analysis workstations are also available.

We also offer single-cell analysis through our cutting-edge 30-parameter flow cytometry technology and Integrated Molecular Cytometry Platforms (IMCPs). The former is the most advanced flow cytometry currently available, rivaling mass cytometry for the number of parameters measured and far exceeding it in sensitivity, throughput, and data accuracy. IMCPs are a new category of technologies in which antibody probes are linked to oligonucleotides instead of fluorescent dyes. These technologies provide simultaneous information about protein expression and transcriptome for each cell within a sample containing as many as 10,000 cells—the most comprehensive and advanced cellular profiling currently available anywhere in the world.

For more information about the services we provide, please call us at 646-501-2437, or email us at