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MD/PhD Program MD/PhD Program Academics

MD/PhD Program Academics

As an MD/PhD candidate, you are registered simultaneously in NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s MD training program and the Vilcek Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences’ PhD training program.

Our rigorous MD/PhD curriculum prepares you for a career as a physician–scientist. It is designed to develop your skills in breaking down complex phenomena into testable hypotheses as a scientist and responding to clinical phenomena as a physician.

All candidates, especially those nearing the end of their training, receive career and residency guidance, which is accessible by logging into the MD/PhD program intranet community using your Kerberos ID. Each spring, NYU Grossman School of Medicine hosts a Match Day, when MD/PhD candidates find out their medical residency matches along with MD candidates.

You can access our MD/PhD program handbook by signing into our intranet community using your Kerberos ID. It provides a detailed overview of our academic guidelines.