There are many parking garages located near the Medical Center and limited street parking is also available. Rates and hours of parking garages vary; please contact the individual service provider directly with any questions.

NYU Langone Medical Center operates two on-site parking facilities on its campus that are available for visitors and patients. Valet parking is available from the front entrance of the Medical Center and from the entrance of the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine. Parking is not permitted anywhere else on the property of the Medical Center. All of the on-site parking facilities are managed by Imperial Parking Systems under agreement with the Medical Center.

  • 530 First Avenue (under NYU Langone Medical Center near 30th Street)
  • 400 East 34th Street (entrance to the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine)

The Medical Center also operates a facility at 333 East 38th Street (a.k.a., 673 First Avenue). The facility will eventually support its planned ambulatory surgery and physician practice space that is under construction. At present, it is conveniently located for patients and guests visiting their NYULMC physician at 660 First Avenue or 650 First Avenue.

  • 333 East 38th Street (a.k.a., 673 First Avenue)

Parking Rates
Effective July 1, 2010, the following rates are in effect for the parking facilities at NYU Langone Medical Center:

  • According to the guidelines of the Metropolitan Parking Association, the trade association of the parking industry in New York City, “SUVs and other oversized vehicles 181" or longer and 70" or higher (or 75" high regardless of length) are subject to an extra charge of $10.00 plus [applicable] NYC Parking Tax." NYU Langone Medical Center has established its list of oversized vehicles consistent with the association’s guidelines, although the surcharge is waived for sedans regardless of length. The complete list of oversized vehicles is posted at the parking facilities. NYU Langone Medical Center has also elected to set its surcharge rate below that recommended in the association’s guidelines, so that the total surcharge is $10 including applicable parking taxes.
  • The oversize vehicle surcharge is also waived for vans specifically-equipped to transport physically-challenged passengers.

Effective July 1, 2010, the following rates are in effect for the valet operation from the main entrance at NYU Langone Medical Center:

Effective November 1, 2010, the following rates are in effect for the parking garage at 333 East 38th Street:

  • You may pay directly at the parking lot upon exit. The parking facilities at the Medical Center accept cash and all major credit cards.

Hours of Operation

  • The First Avenue Parking Garage is open from 6 a.m. to Midnight daily.
  • The Rusk Entrance Parking Lot is open 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
  • Valet parking at the main entrance will be available from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. After normal business hours, customers can retrieve vehicles directly from attendants in Lot B.
  • The parking garage at 333 East 38th Street is open 24 hours per day.

Neighborhood Parking Facilities
The following is a list of neighborhood facilities generally available for visitor parking:

  • Rapid Parking: 575 First Avenue near 33rd Street (Kips Bay Towers across the street from NYU Langone Medical Center)
  • IMPARK: 577 First Avenue (enter at 33rd Street near NYU Child Study Center)
  • Imperial Parking: 377 East 33rd Street between First and Second Avenues
  • GMC: 300 East 34th Street between First and Second Avenues
  • Imperial Parking: 340 East 34th Street between First and Second Avenues
  • Central Parking System: 350 East 30th Street (enter at 29th Street)
  • Icon: 400 East 35th Street


  • Due to the number of vehicles in our facilities, there are invariably times when accidents may occur and damage to a vehicle may be sustained. Imperial Parking Systems assumes liability for such damage, subject only to the following:

    1. The customer must inspect his or her own vehicle and identify any damage before exiting the facility.

    2. The customer must also wait for attendant’s inspection of the vehicle prior to exiting the parking facility, and the customer’s ticket must be properly marked to indicate the damage sustained.

    3. The damage must be due to the negligence – or improper handling of your vehicle – by Imperial Parking Systems' employees.

    4. The customer may not have violated any of the rules outlined above regarding the safe and proper parking of his or her vehicle. If, for instance, the customer has parked his vehicle illegally, personally driven his vehicle onto a lift, or personally retrieved his vehicle from the facility, Imperial Parking Systems' liability may be voided.

  • To submit a claim, we ask that the claim form be filled out directly with a lot manager and submitted before exiting the facility. Claims reported after a vehicle exits the garage cannot be honored.
  • After the claim has been submitted, the manager of that facility is responsible to do a complete investigation before submitting to the Regional Supervisor. Please allow 5-6 days for the complete investigation; at that time you will receive an official response from Imperial Parking Systems.
  • If you feel that your claim has not been fairly adjudicated, you may contact Edward Berman at (212) 263-2449 or regarding an appeal.