Search Process Overview

Our search for new faculty will be integrated across the entire School of Medicine. Faculty members from diverse Basic Science and Clinical Sciencedepartments (and in some cases members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of New York University) will serve on the search committees for the various programs

Applications will be routed from our Planning Office to the Chairperson of the relevant search committee (see Contacts). The Planning Office will send a confirmatory note to the applicant acknowledging receipt of the application materials, however further contact will be initiated by the Chairperson of the program search committee. 

Applicant's curriculum vitae and research statements will be displayed on a password-protected website that will be accessible to members of the search committee of the specific program to which the application is directed, members of all other search committees operating in parallel and selected other members of the faculty. Letters of reference will be solicited by the Chairpersons of the specific search committee and will be circulated in confidence to other members of that search committee and other faculty as needed.

The School of Medicine was founded in 1841 and is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and provides a drug free workplace.