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Clinical Research

Our research scientists lead innovative clinical trials and research studies to improve healthcare.

At NYU Langone Health, our clinical research mission is to support, train, inspire, supervise, and facilitate a network of health practitioners who conduct research to improve health and manage disease. We have more than 500 highly specialized research faculty members representing more than 50 countries. Among them, they published 6,644 original research papers in 2017.

Our researchers lead studies that test specific clinical approaches and evaluate the effectiveness of strategies for the prevention and management of a wide range of diseases and conditions.

Search Cancer Clinical Trials

Find information on clinical trials at Perlmutter Cancer Center.

Search Our Clinical Research Studies

Search clinical trials and research studies at NYU Langone.

For Researchers and Study Teams

We guide investigators in initiating, conducting, and managing clinical trials and research studies.

Clinical and Translational Science Institute

We support research to transform healthcare and improve community health.