Community Empowered Research Training (CERT)

The CERT program is an academic-community partnership dedicated to strengthening community leadership in research. Geared towards Executive Directors and Program Directors and Managers, CERT offers free workshops and webinars to strengthen the capacity of community-based organizations to participate in and develop community-focused research initiatives.

The overall goal of the CERT program is to increase racial and ethnic diversity in the field of research and community health by encouraging community-based organizations to engage in research as a means to eliminating health disparities and contributing to the national dialogue on community health.

There are three main objectives of the CERT program:

  1. To increase awareness of CBOs’ role in research to affect change at the community level
  2. To build recognition of the importance of community-based knowledge and research in adding to the national dialogue on racial and ethnic health disparities
  3. To increase the number of CBOs that engage in research initiatives

Please visit CERT Workshops and Webinars for past and upcoming trainings with supporting resources and media content.

The following partners are engaged in the collaborative development and implementation of CERT:

For more information about the CERT Program, please contact Catlin Rideout, Program Manager, at 212-263-7869 or