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Section for Health Equity Section for Health Equity Policy & Action

Section for Health Equity Policy & Action

The Section for Health Equity Policy and Action within NYU Langone’s Division of Health and Behavior pursues change in public policy to further the health of racial and ethnic minorities. We work with local organizations on health advocacy initiatives and collect and assess disaggregated data on Asian American and Arab, South Asian, and African immigrant communities to better customize social determinants for these populations.

Coalitions to Influence Public Health Policy

Our researchers form alliances with not-for-profit advocacy organizations to influence public health policy.

Coalition for Health Access to Reach Greater Equity

Project CHARGE, or the Coalition for Health Access to Reach Greater Equity, was formed in 2007 with 16 partners, including the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families and the Chinese-American Planning Council, to advocate for the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Project CHARGE has also promoted culturally competent and accessible language outreach and education about the ACA in the New York metropolitan area and has provided funding for local health insurance navigators and data disaggregation of racial and ethnic minority populations.

15 Percent and Growing

Researchers in the Section for Health Equity also work with 15 Percent and Growing, a group whose goal is to ensure that Asian American communities in New York City receive city government funding at a rate comparable with the local Asian population of 15 percent. Many Asian American social service programs are currently underfunded.

HepB United

We also work with HepB United, a national not-for-profit organization, to raise awareness of hepatitis B and the risk of liver cancer. Increasing hepatitis B vaccination, testing, and treatment is our goal.

NYC Hepatitis B Coalition

Section for Health Equity policy and action researchers co-founded the NYC Hepatitis B Coalition with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to identify needs surrounding hepatitis B within the community.

Health Equity Policy Research

Our researchers conduct health equity studies to guide public policy.

Impact of Construction on Older Adults in New York Chinatown

Through a literature review, Simona C. Kwon, DrPH, and Yi-Ling Tan, program manager, are evaluating how construction of a new Chinatown jail may impact the long-term physical and mental health of older residents who live nearby. This study is being conducted through the Healthy Aging & Alzheimer’s Disease Research Track and in partnership with Sounds of New York City (SONYC) in NYU Tandon School of Engineering. As a result of this research and a study conducted by the Neighbors United Below Canal, the New York State Supreme Court ruled to halt demolition of the current detention center and construction of the new jail in September 2020.

Project Sound Health of Underserved Neighborhoods

As an outgrowth of the Chinatown jail research, Dr. Kwon and Ms. Tan are leading Project Sound Health of Underserved Neighborhoods (SHUSH), which focuses on soundscapes and noise issues in Manhattan’s Chinatown. A major truck route connects the Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges to the Holland Tunnel, making the areas around Canal Street and Manhattan Bridge some of the noisiest in New York City. The noise from long-term construction impacts residents, raising blood pressure, disturbing sleep, contributing to cardiovascular disease, and interfering with quality of life. In collaboration with community partners, Project SHUSH aims to bring together Chinatown stakeholders of all ages to share noise-related experiences and concerns, consider noise data sharing and usage, discuss culturally relevant mitigation strategies, and enhance pathways to increase civic engagement. Participants can also explore the acoustic environment of Chinatown through self-guided sound walks, and record and share their experiences and responses to the sound environment. The project is being conducted with SONYC in NYU Tandon School of Engineering, with AARP funding.

Health Equity Policymaker Education

Our researchers have created several health policy papers on how community health workers should be a part of the healthcare team. Learn more through the tools and publications of the NYU-CUNY Prevention Research Center.

Contact Us

For more information about the Section for Health Equity’s policy and action initiatives, contact Yi-Ling Tan, program manager, at