Vietnamese Community Health Initiative

Who We Are

The Vietnamese Community Health Initiative (VCHI) is a community project based at the Center for the Study of Asian American Health (CSAAH) of the NYU School of Medicine. The VCHI brings together a diverse group of health professionals, community leaders, students and individuals who are concerned with improving the well-being of the Vietnamese community.


  • To identify and respond to the major concerns of the Vietnamese community by providing education on health issues.
  • To promote healthy living and increase access to health services.


We will bring more health services and health education to the community.

We will investigate the issues that affect our well-being and health such as public benefits, unemployment, education and housing.

We will build network of concerned individuals and organizations to address these issues.

We can do this by educating people to become more aware of health issues and about the services that exist in the community. Armed with information and resources, Vietnamese people in NYC can take better care of themselves and their family. Education and empowerment are crucial to reducing many of the causes and risks of disease and illness. We hope to be part of creating a better future for our community.