Assessing the Burden of Diabetes in the South Asian Community

Community Health Needs and Resource Assessment:

CSAAH has continued its efforts to develop formative research projects such as the Asian American Community Health Needs and Resource Assessments in NYC.

The primary purposes of these assessments are to determine:

  • The degree to which the health issues exist in ethnic-specific Asian American community
  • The resources available
  • The best approaches to meet the needs of these communities in New York City.

An Exploratory Study of South Asians in NYC (2004-2006)

Bangladeshi Community Health Resources and Needs Assessments (2013-2016)

Diabetes Needs Assessment Survey

The Diabetes Needs Assessment survey seeks to determine health behaviors, knowledge, practices, and health resources and assets in the Bangladeshi community.

Patient Trends and Risk Factor Analysis

The DREAM Project has conducted analysis of data from Bangladeshi patients seen at Bellevue Hospital to determine prevalence of diabetes in the community, as well as associated risk factors.

Focus Groups

The DREAM Project has conducted six focus groups with Bangladeshi men and women to assess knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes regarding diabetes prevention and management.