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HealthiNation - August 8
The Symptoms of Autism Every Parent Should Know
​​​Yamalis Diaz, PhD

Good Housekeeping  July 24
Where Do You Stand On the Toughest Parenting Questions? – By Caroline Picard
Stephanie M. Wagner, PhD

NBC Nightly News  July 22
New App Lets Users Send Alerts When They’re Suffering Mental Distress
Timothy L. Verduin, PhD

HealthDay    July 17
Brain Scans Yield More Clues to Autism – By Amy Norton
​​​​​​Francisco X. Castellanos, MD

U.S. News & World Report   July 17
Brain Scans Yield More Clues to Autism
​​​​​​Francisco X. Castellanos, MD

The Atlantic  July 14
AI Could Make Detecting Autism Easier - Jeremy Hsu and Spectrum
​​​​​Helen L. Egger, MD

CNBC – July 13
Children and PTSD: Health Risks Linger Long After Acute Psychological Trauma Ends – By Matt Lavietes
Adam D. Brown, PsyD

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