2018 - DCAP in the News


The Bump – January 2018
Why the Little Moments with Your Kids Matter—And How To Cherish Them – By Joanne Chen
Daniela Montalto, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor

​Teen Vogue – January 4
How Misusing Stimulants Like Adderall Can Damage Your Health – By Lily Herman
Kathryn Cheney, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

HealtiNation  January 8
Understanding ADHD in Children: What Psychiatrists Want You to Know
Yamalis Diaz,PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Wee Westchester  January 17
Organizing the Disorganized Child
Elana Spira, PhD and Jennifer Rosenblatt, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professors

WebMD  January 25
Mental Health Issues Overlooked In College Transition – By Stephanie Watson
Jess P. Shatkin, MD, MPH, Professor


Reader's Digest  February 7
15 Silent Signs of Anxiety in Children – By Amy Boyington​
Rebecca R. Berry, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Offspring - February 9
How to Help a Kid Who Has a Tough Time With Transitions - Janine Annett
Dylann Gold, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor and Whitney Waugh, PhD, Clinical Instructor 

Publishers Weekly - Febuary 12
The Organized Child: An Effective Program to Maximize Your Kid’s Potential—in School and in Life
Richard Gallagher, PhD, Associate Professor, Elana G. Spira, PhD and Jennifer L. Rosenblatt, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professors

Business Insider - February 13
High-Tech Brain Scans Can Provide New Way to Define Intelligence
Glenn Saxe, MD, Professor