At the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, our mission is to promote rigorous scientific examination of the onset, course, and trajectories of psychiatric, neurodevelopmental, and emotional/behavioral disorders in children and adolescents and of strategies to improve implementation of evidence-based practices. 

We are also committed to developing and disseminating effective clinical, preventive, and service interventions in communities. Accordingly, we integrate research within our clinical and educational programs so that the knowledge we generate can be feasibly and usefully applied in routine practice settings. Our work is focused in six areas:

Our research ranges from basic neuroscience using animal models to large community-based population studies. We develop and integrate our work using a translational research framework, with the goal of strengthening the impact of scientific findings on both policy and practice.   

Research results from our department regularly appear in the most important peer-reviewed journals in the field and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry research faculty are regular and respected presenters at national and international scientific meetings.