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Department of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Research Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Publications

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Publications

Faculty members in NYU Langone’s Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry regularly publish research in leading peer-reviewed psychiatry, psychology, and neuroscience journals and present their research findings at national and international scientific meetings.

Selected Publications

ADHD diagnoses: are 116 200 permutations enough?

Cortese, Samuele; Rohde, Luis Augusto

Lancet. Child & adolescent health. 2019 Dec ; 3:844-845

Child and Adolescent Telepsychiatry Education and Training

Khan, Shabana; Ramtekkar, Ujjwal

Psychiatric clinics of North America. 2019 Dec ; 42:555-562

ADHD diagnoses: are 116 200 permutations enough? [Note]

Cortese, S; Rohde, L A

Lancet. Child & adolescent health. 2019 December; 3:844-845

Research Review: Do parent ratings of infant negative emotionality and self-regulation predict psychopathology in childhood and adolescence? A systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective longitudinal studies

Kostyrka-Allchorne, Katarzyna; Wass, Sam V; Sonuga-Barke, Edmund J S

Journal of child psychology & psychiatry & allied disciplines. 2019 Nov 06;

During infant maltreatment, stress targets hippocampus, but stress with mother present targets amygdala and social behavior

Raineki, Charlis; Opendak, Maya; Sarro, Emma; Showler, Ashleigh; Bui, Kevin; McEwen, Bruce S; Wilson, Donald A; Sullivan, Regina M

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS). 2019 Nov 05; 116:22821-22832

Functional connectome of the fetal brain

Turk, Elise; van den Heuvel, Marion I; Benders, Manon J; de Heus, Roel; Franx, Arie; Manning, Janessa H; Hect, Jasmine L; Hernandez-Andrade, Edgar; Hassan, Sonia S; Romero, Roberto; Kahn, René S; Thomason, Moriah E; van den Heuvel, Martijn P

Journal of neuroscience. 2019 Nov 04;

Stepwise functional connectivity reveals altered sensory-multimodal integration in medication-naive adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Pretus, Clara; Marcos-Vidal, Luis; Martinez-Garcia, Magdalena; Picado, Marisol; Ramos-Quiroga, Josep Antoni; Richarte, Vanesa; Castellanos, Francisco X; Sepulcre, Jorge; Desco, Manuel; Vilarroya, Ascar; Carmona, Susanna

Human brain mapping. 2019 Nov 01; 40:4645-4656

Interregional causal influences of brain metabolic activity reveal the spread of aging effects during normal aging

Di, Xin; Wölfer, Marie; Amend, Mario; Wehrl, Hans; Ionescu, Tudor M; Pichler, Bernd J; Biswal, Bharat B

Human brain mapping. 2019 Nov 01; 40:4657-4668