ADHD Clinical Overview

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a chronic condition that affects between 5% -9% of children and adolescents and 1% -3% of adults. ADHD often leads to poor academic and work performance, and troubled relationships with peers and adults.

Our Clinical Services

Our clinical service focuses on the evaluation and treatment of children and adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and other disruptive behavior disorders. Our goal is to help parents understand their child's behavior and specific difficulties, as well as to provide specific treatment recommendations. Many children and adolescents with these problems often have academic difficulties and struggle in school. Our neuropsychology and learning specialists are available for consultation, testing, and to work with school personnel to ensure that your child's learning potential is maximized.

Evaluation and Consultation

For each evaluation, one of our clinicians meets with the child and their family and gathers additional information, such as teacher rating scales, report cards, and prior evaluations. We often interview children's teachers, pediatricians, and other care providers to help us form a detailed picture of each child we serve. Following the interview, each family participates in a feedback session where we review our findings, provide education on any present diagnoses, and discuss an individualized treatment plan.


Our clinical treatment is evidence-based and individualized to maximize benefits for each patient. We work with parents to design the specific combination of treatment that is most appropriate for their child. As problems occur in the home, school, and community, we work to assure that the treatment addresses concerns wherever they are present.

The following treatments are provided at the NYU Child Study Center:

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT): PCIT is an evidence-based behavioral parent training program for children (ages two to seven) with significant noncompliant and disruptive behaviors. PCIT teaches parents skills to increase positive parent-child interactions, improve compliance, and reduce parenting stress. Sessions involve live coaching of parent-child interactions from behind a one-way mirror, with therapists providing guidance and feedback via headset. 

Parent management training and collaborative family sessions: When PCIT is not indicated, our service offers a variety of evidence-based behavioral parent training services. Parents of children with less pronounced behavioral issues may benefit from briefer, targeted parenting consultations. Older children or teens and their parents often gain from family sessions where rules, responsibilities, privileges, and consequences are established collaboratively.

Medication: When medication is needed, child and adolescent psychiatrists at the NYU Child Study Center provide consultations and state-of-the-art pharmacotherapy for ADHD and other co-existing mental health conditions.

Behavioral school consultation: We conduct school observations and collaborate with educators to design and implement behavior management programs in school settings. When needed and whenever possible, our clinicians work directly with schools to facilitate positive teacher-student interactions. This work frequently involves training teachers, aides, and paraprofessionals in effective behavior management tools and techniques. We regularly collaborate with educational teams to obtain appropriate accommodations (such as IEPs and 504 Plans) for the children we serve.

Organizational skills training for children with ADHD: Based on more than 10 years of systematic research, we have developed, tested, and demonstrated the effectiveness of methods to improve the organization, time management, and planning behaviors of elementary-school age children with ADHD and other behavior disorders.

The NYU Summer Program for Kids (SPK): SPK is the first summer program in the New York metropolitan area designed to make summer a fun, productive, and successful experience for children with ADHD. It is an evidence-based, seven-week, all-day therapeutic clinical program. The daily schedule includes a full variety of sports, academic and computer activities, arts and crafts, and social skills training designed to improve social behavior. Learn more about SPK here.

In addition to the interventions provided by our ADHD clinical service, free treatments are often available through Institute research studies. A list of currently recruiting studies is available here.

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Our Clinicians

Timothy Verduin, PhDClinical Director

Kirsten Cullen Sharma, PsyD

Yamalis Diaz, PhD

Lori Evans, PhD

Karen Fleiss, PsyD

Richard Gallagher, PhD

Dana Levy, PsyD

Dana Rhule, PhD

Sarah Trosper, PhD

Andrea Vazzana, PhD

Stephanie Wagner, PhD


Kaitlin P. Gallo,PhD