School Based

Schools are second only to the family in terms of influence and support. In addition, the TST model teaches us that trauma reminders in the environment can trigger emotional and behavioral dysregulation which can lead to what the school personnel see as "problem" student behaviors. Since such reminders occur in most settings, schools are a natural environment in which to implement TST for traumatized youth.

School-based TST provides an opportunity for teachers and staff to work with the child’s therapist around creating a school environment that minimizes triggers and helps a traumatized child to feel safe. Children and school personnel are taught crucial emotion regulation skills on-site so that they can more effectively help youth cope with traumatic reminders that occur during the school day and interfere with learning.

Home-based treatment is also integrated into a child’s treatment plan, providing a crucial home/school link to ensure that both environments are working together to support the child.

Connecting With Care (MA) and Project SHIFA are both currently implementing TST within schools in Massachusetts and Maine.