Research Studies and Projects

Neurodevelopmental Disorders Researchers have considerable experience and expertise in developing testable theoretical formulations and scientific methods to evaluate interventions and to identify those with the greatest potential impact.

It is our hope that research conducted at the Child Study Center will help to reduce the number of children and adolescents suffering from mental health problems and find new ways of effectively treating psychiatric illness.

Within Neurodevelopmental Disorders, current grants and funded research include:

  • NIMH R01 Neuronal Correlates of Autistic Traits in ADHD and Autism
  • NIMH R21 - Enhancing the Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange to Define the Autism Connectome
  • NIMH R21 - Intrinsic Brain Architecture of Young Children with Autism While Awake and Asleep
  • NIMH R03 – Validity and Reliability of New Standard for Resting fMRI Data
  • NICHD R03 – Stress and Pubertal Timing Affect Amygdala Functional Circuitry in Females
  • Yale University subcontract – Developmental Trajectories of Intrinsic Functional Connectivity
  • AACAP Pilot Research Award – Arousal & Cognitive Variability in ADHD; A Pilot Pupillometry Study
  • NICHD R01 subcontract - Neurocognitive Determinants of Second Language Literacy Development in Adolescents (Pugh; Haskins/Yale)
  • NIMH U01 subcontract - Longitudinal Discovery of Brain Developmental Trajectories (Nathan Kline Institute)
  • NHLBI R56 – Impact of Sleep and Meal Timing on Food Intake Regulation (St Onge; Columbia)
  • NIMH R01 subcontract – Prefrontal Amygdala Circuitry in Young Children with Severe Emotion Dysregulation (Roy; Fordham)
  • Simons Foundation subcontract– Developing Scalable Measure of Behavior Change for ASD Treatment (Lord: Cornell)

Neurodevelopmental Disorders investigators collaborate widely, including multiple projects with colleagues in the Child Study Center’s clinical programs, Bellevue Hospital Center, and the Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research.