Research Administration

The Child Study Center has a strong research administration team in place providing principal investigators (PIs) with pre- and post-award management, compliance oversight, budget development, financial tracking, and any other research management support services needed.  In addition, research administration assists PIs with the institutional requirements associated with human resources, finance, real estate, information technology, and other university departments that impact laboratory and research operations. 

Research administration also provides ongoing updates to faculty related to metrics tracked by the School of Medicine , including grant submissions, awards, publications, research dollar density, and extramural funding. 

Members of the research administration team include Betsy Howard, Director of Research and Public Psychiatry Administration, Neela Jain, Grants Manager, and Danielle Desir, Grants Specialist.  In addition, there are three  project coordinators who support the different research center’s financial and compliance needs.

For more information about the research administration team, please contact Betsy Howard at