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Department of Cell Biology Education

Our faculty mentor a new generation of cell biologists.

At NYU Langone’s Department of Cell Biology, trainees collaborate with faculty scientists to devise new ways to elucidate the molecular processes underlying health and disease. Our research teams lead innovative projects at the forefront of biomedical inquiry, and their scientific breakthroughs have the potential to transform patient care.

As a trainee, you have access to our world-class facilities and perform research in faculty laboratories. Our labs are adjacent to NYU Langone’s Tisch Hospital and Kimmel Pavilion, enabling basic, clinical, and translational scientists to share ideas and form new partnerships.

Under the mentorship of our faculty, trainees engage in innovative research projects that yield publishable results. Whether you are pursuing a PhD, an MD/PhD, or working as a postdoctoral fellow, our labs are vibrant, rigorous spaces in which to launch your career. Medical students can also complete research concentrations in our faculty labs.

Outside of the lab, our events series brings faculty and trainees together from across NYU Langone. Events include seminars by visiting scientists and weekly works in progress presentations in which graduate students discuss their ongoing research with fellow students and faculty, gaining experience in the art of presentation.

PhD Training Programs

Through NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s Vilcek Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, PhD students join our research teams working in modern, well-equipped laboratories. Interdisciplinary PhD training programs span several research areas: genes, cells, and organisms; mechanisms of disease; microbiology, immunology, and infectious disease; neuroscience and physiology; quantitative biology; and data, medicine, and health. View recent thesis defenses from doctoral candidates who have worked on our research teams.

MD/PhD Program

NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s MD/PhD program, a National Institutes of Health–recognized Medical Scientist Training Program, provides rigorous training in both clinical medicine and biomedical research. Faculty from our department and other institutes and departments across NYU Langone mentor future physician–scientists and provide them with the skills to launch successful careers.

Postdoctoral Training

NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s postdoctoral training program supports postdoctoral fellows during their research fellowships and helps them navigate career choices and the job market.

If you are interested in a postdoctoral fellowship position in the lab of a particular Department of Cell Biology faculty member, email the faculty member to ask about current opportunities.

Life as a Graduate Student

See what life is like as a graduate student in the biomedical sciences.

Life as a Postdoc

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the lives and work of postdoctoral fellows.