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Department of Cell Biology Education

Our faculty mentor a new generation of cell biologists.

Faculty in NYU Langone’s Department of Cell Biology oversee rigorous, interdisciplinary training programs for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. We also offer research opportunities for medical students.

Our trainees conduct research alongside renowned faculty scientists. Our faculty provide mentorship and guidance throughout training, helping you build the knowledge and skills you need to launch the next phase of your career.

Graduate Training

Vilcek Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences offers PhD training programs in 15 research areas, including cell biology, a National Institutes of Health–funded program led by Department of Cell Biology faculty. Graduate students enroll in an open program, which allows for flexibility in choosing coursework and a research focus.

We also welcome students enrolled in the MD/PhD program to conduct basic research in our labs as part of their training.

Training focuses on research areas such as structure, function, and biogenesis of macromolecules and subcellular organelles, as well as the mechanisms that regulate cell metabolism, differentiation and growth, and intercellular interactions during development. The interdisciplinary character of the program gives students a well-rounded scientific perspective to draw on as they choose a research project and select thesis advisors.

In addition to coursework, we also provide venues for students to discuss their research and build presentation skills, including tutorials, works-in-progress, a student poster day, and a journal club.

To learn more about our graduate program in cellular and molecular biology, email Daniel B. Rifkin, PhD, program director, at or Elaine L. Wilson, PhD, graduate advisor, at

Research Training for Medical Students

Training offered by the Department of Cell Biology is an integral component of NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s Curriculum for the 21st Century, which provides medical students with up to 12 weeks of integrated, disease-focused research training. We offer concentrations in a range of research areas, and students often work under the mentorship of clinical faculty as well as research faculty.

If you are interested in learning more about labs that have research openings for medical students, email Dr. Rifkin at or contact the lab’s lead investigator directly.

Postdoctoral Training

We welcome postdoctoral fellows to apply for research positions in our faculty laboratories. Our postdocs are positioned to work on groundbreaking projects and participate in departmental and interdepartmental seminars, discussion groups, and lecture series.

To find out whether there is a postdoctoral position available in a particular lab, contact the faculty member directly. You can also browse an up-to-date list of open postdoc positions in labs across NYU Langone.

Summer Research Fellowships for First-Year Medical Students

A limited number of summer research fellowships are available for first-year medical students. Students receive $3,000 for 8 weeks of work.

If you have questions about our summer research fellowships, email Dr. Rifkin, fellowship director, at

Life as a Graduate Student

See what life is like as a graduate student in the biomedical sciences.

Life as a Postdoc

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the lives and work of postdoctoral fellows.