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Department of Cell Biology Research

Our faculty lead groundbreaking studies to determine the mechanisms that drive cellular function.

Faculty researchers in NYU Langone’s Department of Cell Biology study essential aspects of cellular function and work to discern how changes in cell behavior result in disease. Active areas of research include protein trafficking through subcellular organelles, cellular stress response, mitochondrial function, cell–cell interactions and signaling pathways involved in development and tissue homeostasis, nervous system function, stem cell biology, immune response, and cancer.

Faculty laboratories are located in NYU Langone’s Medical Science Building and Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine.

Research Faculty

Our research faculty are leaders in the field of cell biology.

Milton B. Adesnik, PhD
Research focus: Control of exocytotic and endocytic protein transport
Phone: 212-263-5352

Branka B. Dabovic, PhD
Research focus: Function of latent TGF-β–binding proteins
Phone: 212-263-5327

David Howard, MD
Research focus: Ophthalmology
Phone: 212-263-5424


Our scientists publish the results of their research in high-impact journals.


Our faculty are renowned scientists and educators.