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Department of Cell Biology Research Cell Biology Publications

Cell Biology Publications

Learn more about research led by faculty in NYU Langone’s Department of Cell Biology by reading their latest papers.

Selected Publications

Targeting the interleukin-17 immune axis for cancer immunotherapy

Vitiello, Gerardo A; Miller, George

Journal of experimental medicine. 2020 Jan 06; 217:

MEMRI-based imaging pipeline for guiding preclinical studies in mouse models of sporadic medulloblastoma

Rallapalli, Harikrishna; Tan, I-Li; Volkova, Eugenia; Wojcinski, Alexandre; Darwin, Benjamin C; Lerch, Jason P; Joyner, Alexandra L; Turnbull, Daniel H

Magnetic resonance in medicine. 2020 Jan ; 83:214-227

Signal Amplification in Drosophila Olfactory Receptor Neurons

Kim, Byoung Soo; Suh, Greg S B

Neuron. 2019 Dec 04; 104:829-831

What's New in Musculoskeletal Basic Science

Leucht, Philipp; Einhorn, Thomas A

Journal of bone & joint surgery (American volume). 2019 Dec 04; 101:2069-2073

A Critical Appraisal of the Tafazzin Knockdown Mouse Model of Barth Syndrome: What Have We Learned About Pathogenesis and Potential Treatments?

Ren, Mindong; Miller, Paighton Ciara; Schlame, Michael; Phoon, Colin K L

American journal of physiology. Heart & circulatory physiology. 2019 Dec 01; 317:H1183-H1193

Reevaluation of Genetic Variants Previously Associated with Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy Integrating Population-based Cohorts and Proteomics Data

Ye, Johan Ziruo; Delmar, Mario; Lundby, Alicia; Olesen, Morten S

Clinical genetics. 2019 Dec ; 96:506-514

Evaluation of the usefulness of saliva for DNA methylation analysis in cohort studies

Murata, Yui; Fujii, Ayaka; Kanata, Sho; Fujikawa, Shinya; Ikegame, Tempei; Nakachi, Yutaka; Zhao, Zhilei; Jinde, Seiichiro; Kasai, Kiyoto; Bundo, Miki; Iwamoto, Kazuya

Neuropsychopharmacology reports. 2019 Dec ; 39:301-305

Tmem2 restricts atrioventricular canal differentiation by regulating degradation of hyaluronic acid

Hernandez, Lydia; Ryckebüsch, Lucile; Wang, Carole; Ling, Rachel; Yelon, Deborah

Developmental dynamics. 2019 Dec ; 248:1195-1210