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Tech4Health Institute Makerspace

The engineering team at the Tech4Health Institute continues to grow its offerings of services and instrumentation to the NYU Langone community.

Instruments available for use at our makerspace include the following:

  • 3 high-frequency digital oscilloscopes (Tektronix TBS1104)
  • 1 16-channel logic probe analyzer (Saleae Logic Pro 16)
  • 3 high-frequency function generators (Keysight 33210A and Keysight 33521B)
  • 3 6.5-digit resolution digital multimeters (Keysight 34460A and Keysight 34461A)
  • 1 LCR meter (BK-Precision Model 891)
  • 3 laboratory power supplies (Keysight E36312A and Keysight E36313A)
  • 2 high-resolution 3D printers (Formlabs Form3 and Ultimaker S5)
  • 1 PCB printer (Voltera V-One)
  • 2 precision soldering and reflow stations (Weller WE1010NA and Weller WXD2N)
  • 3 laboratory data acquisition and design desktop computers
  • 3 inspection and assembly stereo microscopes (AmScope 3.5-225X Zoom)
  • 1 modular 150-mm probe station (Cascade MPS150 FormFactor)
  • 4 DPP210-M-S positioners for the probe station (Cascade FormFactor)
  • 1 Moku Lab: suite of 12 FPGA instruments including a lock-in amplifier, spectrum analyzer, etc. (Liquid Instruments)
  • atomic force microscope (Nanosurf DriveAFM)
  • μMLA tabletop mask aligner direct writing laser lithography system (Heidelberg Instruments)
  • oxygen plasma cleaner (Harrick Plasma PDC-001-HP)
  • spin coater (Laurell WS-650Mz-23NPPB)
  • AutolazeQL laser micromachining system (Ligero Technical Services)
  • 5-axis milling machine (Pocket NC V2-50CHB)
  • waterjet machining system (Allegheny Wazer)
  • reflow oven (LPKF ProtoFlow E)
  • glass pipette puller (Narishige PC 100)
  • microforge (Narishige MF 830)
  • microgrinder (Narishige EG 45)
  • 1 potentiostat/galvanostat/ZRA unit (PamSens4)
  • electrochemical software suite including DC corrosion techniques, physical electrochemistry, electrochemical energy software, pulse voltammetry, and electrochemical noise (bundled with potentiostat)
  • PCB design software (Eagle)
  • mechanical and thermal design software (Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks)
  • CAD machining and fabrication software (HSM Works)

Instrument Usage

For use of the services and equipment, please email Mladen Barbic, PhD, director of engineering, at