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Institute for Innovations in Medical Education Research & Scholarship Institute for Innovations in Medical Education Publications

Institute for Innovations in Medical Education Publications

The Institute for Innovations in Medical Education helps faculty publish their research findings in top peer-reviewed journals and books.

Selected Publications

Hypercluster: a flexible tool for parallelized unsupervised clustering optimization

Blumenberg, Lili; Ruggles, Kelly V

BMC bioinformatics. 2020 Sep 29; 21:428

The Case for Capping Residency Interviews

Morgan, Helen Kang; Winkel, Abigail F; Standiford, Taylor; Muñoz, Rodrigo; Strand, Eric A; Marzano, David A; Ogburn, Tony; Major, Carol A; Cox, Susan; Hammoud, Maya M

Journal of surgical education. 2020 Sep 14;

Building Telemedicine Capacity for Trainees During the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak: a Case Study and Lessons Learned

Lawrence, Katharine; Hanley, Kathleen; Adams, Jennifer; Sartori, Daniel J; Greene, Richard; Zabar, Sondra

Journal of general internal medicine. 2020 Sep ; 35:2675-2679

The Transition From Medical Student to Resident: A Qualitative Study of New Residents' Perspectives

Chang, Lucy Y; Eliasz, Kinga L; Cacciatore, Danielle T; Winkel, Abigail Ford

Academic medicine. 2020 Sep ; 95:1421-1427

Clinical problem solving and social determinants of health: a descriptive study using unannounced standardized patients to directly observe how resident physicians respond to social determinants of health

Wilhite, Jeffrey A; Hardowar, Khemraj; Fisher, Harriet; Porter, Barbara; Wallach, Andrew B; Altshuler, Lisa; Hanley, Kathleen; Zabar, Sondra R; Gillespie, Colleen C

Diagnosis. 2020 Aug 27; 7:313-324

Evolving oxygenation management reasoning in COVID-19

Liu, Steven; Sweeney, Cara; Srisarajivakul-Klein, Nalinee; Klinger, Amanda; Dimitrova, Irina; Schaye, Verity

Diagnosis. 2020 Aug 20;

A National Curriculum to Address Professional Fulfillment and Burnout in OB-GYN Residents

Winkel, Abigail Ford; Tristan, Sigrid B; Dow, Margaret; Racsumberger, Carrie; Bove, Erica; Valantsevich, Darya; Woodland, Mark B

Journal of graduate medical education. 2020 Aug ; 12:461-468

Endoscopic part-task training box scores correlate with endoscopic outcomes

Ou, Amy; Shin, Claire M; Goodman, Adam J; Poles, Michael A; Popov, Violeta B

Surgical endoscopy. 2020 Jul 27;