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Division of Environmental Medicine Education Environmental Health Sciences Courses

Environmental Health Sciences Courses

The Division of Environmental Medicine at NYU Langone offers a variety of courses to students enrolled in PhD or MS programs in environmental health sciences.

Students are permitted to take courses in other departments and schools within NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science, including in the basic sciences, and at NYU School of Law, NYU Stern School of Business, NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.

Exploring diverse subject areas is especially beneficial to students whose research investigates an aspect of environmental health science that is collaborative with other disciplines.

There is also a wide range of courses offered through the Vilcek Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences; see their course catalog. Full-time PhD students in environmental health sciences who have completed one year of study can additionally take courses at distinguished universities throughout the New York metropolitan area as part of the NYU Inter-University Doctoral Consortium.

Graduate courses typically take place during the day at NYU’s Washington Square campus in downtown Manhattan, or at the Division of Environmental Medicine’s laboratories located on East 25th Street.

Many courses are offered in alternate years. Please call our graduate coordinator Cynthia Jose at 646-754-9462 for information about current courses.

Courses in Biostatistics

Advanced Topics in Biostatistics (EHSC-GA 2304)
Advanced Topics in Survival Analysis (EHSC-GA 2330)
Advanced Topics in Data Mining with Applications to Genomics (EHSC-GA 2331)
Introduction to Biostatistics (EHSC-GA 2303)
Introduction to Statistical Inference I (EHSC-GA2336)
Introduction to Statistical Inference II (EHSC-GA 2342)
Introduction to Survival Analysis (EHSC-GA 2047)
Methods of Applied Statistics and Data Mining with Applications to Biology and Medicine (EHSC-GA 2306)
Methods for the Analysis of Longitudinal Data (EHSC-GA 2332)
Methods for Categorical Data Analysis in Health Sciences Research (EHSC-GA 2045)

Courses in Epidemiology

Epidemiology of Cancer (EHSC-GA 2046)
Epigenetics and Environmental Diseases (EHSC-GA 2050)
Epidemiologic Methods (EHSC-GA 2044)
Genetic Susceptibility/Toxicogenomics (EHSC-GA 2042)
Global Issues in Environmental Health (EHSC-GA 1011)
Introduction to Epidemiology (EHSC-GA 2039)

Courses in Exposure Assessment and Health Effects

Aerosol Science (EHSC-GA 2033)
Biomarker Applications in Humans with Environmental Exposures (EHSC-GA 1009)
Environmental Health (EHSC-GA 1004)
Environmental Hygiene Laboratory I and II (EHSC-GA 2037 and 2038)
Environmental Hygiene Measurements (EHSC-GA 2305)
Global Climate Change, Air Pollution, and Health (EHSC-GA 1010)
Radiological Health (EHSC-GA 2301)
Translating Environmental Health Science into Policy (EHSC-GA 1013)

Courses in Molecular Toxicology and Carcinogenesis

Cell Signaling and Environmental Stress (EHSC-GA 2043)
DNA Replication, Damage, and Repair (EHSC-GA 2018)
Environmental Carcinogenesis (EHSC-GA 2309)
Epigenetics and Environmental Diseases (EHSC-GA 2050)
Genetic Susceptibility/Toxicogenomics (EHSC-GA 2042)
Molecular and Genetic Toxicology (EHSC-GA 2040)
Molecular Toxicology of Metals and Trace Elements (EHSC-GA 2307)

Courses in Toxicology

Ecotoxicology: Hudson River Case Study (EHSC-GA 1005)
Environmental Immunotoxicology (EHSC-GA 2315)
Environmental Radioactivity (EHSC-GA 2017)
An Introduction to Toxicogenomics (EHSC-GA 1008)
Organ System Toxicology (EHSC-GA 2311)
Principles of Toxicology (EHSC-GA 2310)
Research Models of Human Environmental Exposures (EHSC-GA 2314)