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Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology Research

We conduct research to better care for current and future patients with gastrointestinal and liver conditions.

Our research goals at NYU Langone’s Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology are to provide access to the latest treatments in the pipeline to our patients and to advance knowledge of gastroenterology and hepatology through innovative basic science, translational research, and clinical trials. We aim to foster a spirit of scientific inquiry and innovation among faculty, fellows, and students.

Our researchers study the biology, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gastrointestinal (GI) and liver diseases. Among our current areas of research are the following:

  • role of the gut microbiome in health and the pathogenesis of disease such as colorectal cancer, liver cancer, and fatty liver and other diseases
  • role of GI infection and gut microbial dysbiosis in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease
  • colorectal cancer prevention, including evaluation of sociodemographic and geographic disparities in colorectal cancer screening and outcomes, the comparative effectiveness of different screening strategies, and novel methods to increase screening adherence
  • quality and innovations in enhanced technologies for colon cancer screening
  • bariatric endoscopy outcomes in obesity and fatty liver disease
  • clinical trials in all areas of liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, colorectal cancer screening and prevention, and other GI conditions
  • cirrhosis and hepatitis C infection

Select Faculty Publications

Ustekinumab and Vedolizumab Are Not Associated With Subsequent Cancer in IBD Patients with Prior Malignancy

Hong, Simon J; Zenger, Cameron; Pecoriello, Jillian; Pang, Alice; Vallely, Margaret; Hudesman, David P; Chang, Shannon; Axelrad, Jordan E

Inflammatory bowel diseases. 2022 Dec 01; 28:1826-1832

Safety analysis of glecaprevir/pibrentasvir in patients with markers of advanced liver disease in clinical and real-world cohorts

Feld, Jordan J; Forns, Xavier; Dylla, Douglas E; Kumada, Hiromitsu; de Ledinghen, Victor; Wei, Lai; Brown, Robert S; Flisiak, Robert; Lampertico, Pietro; Thabut, Dominique; Bondin, Mark; Tatsch, Fernando; Burroughs, Margaret; Marcinak, John; Zhang, Zhenzhen; Emmett, Amanda; Jacobson, Ira M

Journal of viral hepatitis. 2022 Dec ; 29:1050-1061

The Real-World Effectiveness and Safety of Ustekinumab in the Treatment of Crohn's Disease: Results from the SUCCESS Consortium

Johnson, Amanda M; Barsky, Maria; Ahmed, Waseem; Zullow, Samantha; Galati, Jonathan; Jairath, Vipul; Narula, Neeraj; Peerani, Farhad; Click, Benjamin H; Coburn, Elliot S; Dang, ThucNhi Tran; Gold, Stephanie; Agrawal, Manasi; Garg, Rajat; Aggarwal, Manik; Mohammad, Danah; Halloran, Brendan; Kochhar, Gursimran S; Todorowski, Hannah; Ud Din, Nabeeha Mohy; Izanec, James; Teeple, Amanda; Gasink, Chris; Muser, Erik; Ding, Zhijie; Swaminath, Arun; Lakhani, Komal; Hogan, Dan; Datta, Samit; Ungaro, Ryan C; Boland, Brigid S; Bohm, Matthew; Fischer, Monika; Sagi, Sashidhar; Afzali, Anita; Ullman, Thomas; Lawlor, Garrett; Baumgart, Daniel C; Chang, Shannon; Hudesman, David; Lukin, Dana; Scherl, Ellen J; Colombel, Jean-Frederic; Sands, Bruce E; Siegel, Corey A; Regueiro, Miguel; Sandborn, William J; Bruining, David; Kane, Sunanda; Loftus, Edward V; Dulai, Parambir S

American journal of gastroenterology. 2022 Nov 23;

Progressive dysbiosis of human orodigestive microbiota along the sequence of gastroesophageal reflux, Barrett's esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinoma

Hao, Yuhan; Karaoz, Ulas; Yang, Liying; Yachimski, Patrick S; Tseng, Wenzhi; Nossa, Carlos W; Ye, Weimin; Tseng, Mengkao; Poles, Michael; Francois, Fritz; Traube, Morris; Brown, Stuart M; Chen, Yu; Torralba, Manolito; Peek, Richard M; Brodie, Eoin L; Pei, Zhiheng

International journal of cancer. 2022 Nov 15; 151:1703-1716

Long-Term Improvement in the Patient-Reported Outcomes of Rectal Bleeding, Stool Frequency, and Health-Related Quality of Life with Tofacitinib in the Ulcerative Colitis OCTAVE Clinical Program

Hudesman, David P; Torres, Joana; Salese, Leonardo; Woolcott, John C; Mundayat, Rajiv; Su, Chinyu; Mosli, Mahmoud H; Allegretti, Jessica R

Patient : patient-centered outcomes research. 2022 Nov 07;

Safety and efficacy of vebicorvir administered with entecavir in treatment-naïve patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection

Sulkowski, Mark S; Agarwal, Kosh; Ma, Xiaoli; Nguyen, Tuan T; Schiff, Eugene R; Hann, Hie-Won L; Dieterich, Douglas T; Nahass, Ronald G; Park, James S; Chan, Sing; Han, Steven-Huy B; Gane, Edward J; Bennett, Michael; Alves, Katia; Evanchik, Marc; Yan, Ran; Huang, Qi; Lopatin, Uri; Colonno, Richard; Ma, Julie; Knox, Steven J; Stamm, Luisa M; Bonacini, Maurizio; Jacobson, Ira M; Ayoub, Walid S; Weilert, Frank; Ravendhran, Natarajan; Ramji, Alnoor; Kwo, Paul Yien; Elkhashab, Magdy; Hassanein, Tarek; Bae, Ho S; Lalezari, Jacob P; Fung, Scott K; Yuen, Man-Fung

Journal of hepatology. 2022 Nov ; 77:1265-1275

Expert Panel Consensus on Clinical Assertion Statements Describing Noninvasive Tools for Diagnosing Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis

Jacobson, Ira M; Wong, Vincent Wai-Sun; Castera, Laurent; Anstee, Quentin M; Noureddin, Mazen; Cusi, Kenneth; Harrison, Stephen A; Bugianesi, Elisabetta; Younossi, Zobair M

Journal of clinical gastroenterology. 2022 Oct 17;

The impact of COVID-19 monoclonal antibodies on clinical outcomes: A retrospective cohort study

Nagler, Arielle R; Horwitz, Leora I; Jones, Simon; Petrilli, Christopher M; Iturrate, Eduardo; Lighter, Jennifer L; Phillips, Michael; Bosworth, Brian P; Polsky, Bruce; Volpicelli, Frank M; Dapkins, Isaac; Viswanathan, Anand; François, Fritz; Kalkut, Gary

American journal of health-system pharmacy. AJHP. 2022 Oct 15;