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Division of Hematology & Medical Oncology Research

We develop new prevention strategies and treatments for hematologic conditions and cancer.

The Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology at NYU Langone integrates basic, preclinical, translational, and clinical research studies to develop new prevention and treatment strategies for hematologic conditions and cancer. Using innovative genetic, genomic, and proteomic research technologies, investigators in our division identify targets for new drugs to treat many types of cancer. Perlmutter Cancer Center’s Disease Management Groups allow us to bring together multiple investigators with a range of expertise, all focused on improving patient outcomes.

Our researchers explore unique biomarkers to better match cancer patients to the most appropriate treatments for them. Taking tissue samples before and after treatment allows us to explore genomic and proteomic changes and ask laboratory questions that help inform our decisions about possible next treatments. Our extensive portfolio of phase 1 clinical trials allows us to rapidly test promising compounds. Our mission is to translate laboratory discoveries into clinical trials and, ultimately, to develop novel therapies for our patients.

Disease Management Groups at Perlmutter Cancer Center

Our Clinical Trials

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