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Division of Rheumatology Education Rheumatology Education Awards

Rheumatology Education Awards

Each year, faculty and fellows in NYU Langone’s Division of Rheumatology are recognized for their accomplishments in education.

American College of Rheumatology Distinguished Fellow Award

Each year, the American College of Rheumatology Distinguished Fellow Award recognizes up to 10 outstanding clinical and research fellows in a rheumatology fellowship training program. The award is sponsored by the American College of Rheumatology and supported through the organization’s fellows education fund.

Award Recipients

2022: Rebecca Blank, MD, PhD
2021: Rochelle L. Castillo, MD
2020: Ruth Fernandez Ruiz, MD
2019: Rebecca Haberman, MD
2018: Shudan Wang, MD
2017: Julia Manasson, MD
2015: Ashira Blazer, MD
2012: Daria B. Crittenden, MD
2011: Rennie Howard, MD
2010: Jose U. Scher, MD
2009: Rob Keenan, MD, MPH
2008: Mark Fisher, MD
2007: Mitch Kishimoto, MD
2006: Aryeh M. Abeles, MD
2002: Soumya M. Reddy, MD

Marshall A. Mundheim, MD, Outstanding Teacher Award

Each year our rheumatology fellows nominate and choose a rheumatology faculty member to receive the Marshall A. Mundheim, MD, Outstanding Teacher Award. The award is in memory of Dr. Mundheim (1937 to 2000) who distinguished himself as a rheumatologist and dedicated his career to the care of patients and excellence in teaching.

Award Recipients

2022: Pamela Rosenthal, MD
2021: Soumya M. Reddy, MD
2020: Peter M. Izmirly, MD and Johannes Nowatzky, MD
2019: Michael Toprover, MD
2018: Kristen Lee, MD
2017: Cesar E. Fors Nieves, MD, and Hal J. Mitnick, MD
2016: Michael H. Pillinger, MD
2015: Jill P. Buyon, MD
2014: H. Michael Belmont, MD
2013: Bruce M. Solitar, MD
2012: Michael H. Pillinger, MD
2011: Svetlana Krasnokutsky Samuels, MD
2010: Jonathan Samuels, MD
2009: Bruce M. Solitar, MD
2008: Gary Zagon, MD
2007: Yusuf Yazici, MD
2006: Michael H. Pillinger, MD
2005: Pamela Rosenthal, MD
2004: Gary Zagon, MD
2003: Michael H. Pillinger, MD
2002: H. Michael Belmont, MD
2001: Hal J. Mitnick, MD

Department of Medicine Rheumatology Fellow of the Year

Residents within the Department of Medicine vote for our division’s rheumatology fellow of the year recipients. Recipients demonstrate outstanding leadership and teaching abilities. Many of these prior recipients became NYU Langone faculty and are members of our division today.

Award Recipients

2021–22: Kelly Corbitt, DO
2020–21: Allison Guttmann, MD
2019–20: Allison Guttmann, MD
2018–19: Ruth Fernandez Ruiz, MD
2017–18: Rebecca Haberman, MD
2016–17: Michael Toprover, MD
2015–16: Nicola K. Berman, MD
2013–14: Ashira Blazer, MD
2012–13: Dodji Modjinou, MD
2011–12: Janice Lin, MD
2010–11: Kristen Lee, MD
2009–10: Louisa Ziglar, MD
2008–09: Jose U. Scher, MD
2007–08: Jose U. Scher, MD
2006–07: Mark Fisher, MD, and Jean Park, MD
2005–06: Jennifer Sloane, MD
2004–05: Peter M. Izmirly, MD
2003–04: Belinda Birnbaum, MD
2002–03: Carlos Sesin, MD