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Senior Leadership

Our faculty members are leaders in the field of neurology.

Our Leadership

Steven L. Galetta, MD

Philip K. Moskowitz, MD Professor and Chair of Neurology, Department of Neurology

Laura J. Balcer, MD

Vice Chair, Department of Neurology

Harold J. Weinberg, MD, PhD

Associate Chair for Clinical Affairs, Department of Neurology

Thomas M. Wisniewski, MD

Associate Chair for Research, Department of Neurology

Koto Ishida, MD

Associate Chair for Education, Department of Neurology

Neil A. Busis, MD

Associate Chair, Technology and Innovation, Department of Neurology

Aaron S. Lord, MD

Chief, Neurology, NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn

Jonathan E. Howard, MD

Director, Neurology Service, NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue

Rajeev S. Motiwala, MD

Director, Education Program

Steven J. Frucht, MD

Associate Chair for Neurology Faculty Group Practices

Andrew S. Feigin, MD

Associate Chair, NYU Langone Network and Clinical Research

Our Division and Center Directors

Nicolas J. Abreu, MD

Associate Director, Division of Neurogenetics

Aleksandar Beric, MD

Director, Division of Intraoperative Monitoring

Jaydeep M. Bhatt, MD

Director, Division of Global Health, Department of Neurology

Catherine Cho, MD

Director, Division of Neuro-Otology

Orrin Devinsky, MD

Chief of Service, NYU Epilepsy Service

Albert S. Favate, MD

Director, Division of Vascular Neurology

Andrew S. Feigin, MD

Executive Director, The Marlene and Paolo Fresco Institute for Parkinson and Movement Disorders

Richard M. Hanson

Chief of Service, VA NY Harbor Health Care System

Horacio Kaufmann, MD

Director, Dysautonomia Center

Kiril Kiprovski, MD

Director, Division of Neuromuscular Medicine

Lauren B. Krupp, MD

Director, Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center

Ariane Lewis, MD

Director, Division of Neurocritical Care

Christina Morrison, PhD

Director of Neuropsychology

Aaron Nelson, MD

Director of Epilepsy, NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue

Sara K. Rostanski, MD

Medical Director of Stroke, NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue

Janet C. Rucker, MD

Chief of the Division of Neuro-ophthalmology

Heidi Schambra, MD

Director, Division of Neuro-Epidemiology

Harold J. Weinberg, MD, PhD

Director, Division of General Neurology

Kaleb H. Yohay, MD

Director, Division of Child Neurology

Thomas M. Wisniewski, MD

Director, Center for Cognitive Neurology

Our Fellowship Directors

Patricia C. Dugan, MD

Director, Epilepsy Fellowship Program

Deana M. Gazzola, MD


Horacio Kaufmann, MD

Director, Autonomic Disorders Fellowship Program

Ilya Kister, MD

Director, Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship

Janet C. Rucker, MD

Director, Neuro-Ophthalmology Fellowship Program

Maksim Shapiro, MD

Director, Neuro-Interventional Fellowship, Manhattan

Christine M. Stahl, MD

Director, Movement Disorders Fellowship

Elina Zakin, MD

Director, Neuromuscular Fellowship

Cen Zhang, MD

Director, Vascular Neurology Fellowship

Our Residency Directors

Arielle M. Kurzweil, MD

Director, Neurology Residency Program

Robert W. Charlson, MD

Associate Director, Manhattan

Jessica Lin, MD

Associate Director, Manhattan

Nada G. Abou-Fayssal, MD

Site Director, Brooklyn

Elina Zakin, MD

Associate Site Director, Brooklyn

Psychiatry and Neurology Double Board Residency Program Leadership

Child Neurology Residency Program Leadership