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Neurology Research Resources Neurology Training Resources

Neurology Training Resources

Researchers at NYU Langone can access a range of training resources online, including programs for clinical investigators and postdoctoral fellows.


NYU Langone’s integrated learning and performance management platform is FOCUS (Kerberos ID and password required). The learning catalog includes training resources for researchers conducting basic, translational, and clinical projects.

Clinical and Translational Science Institute Training

The Clinical and Translational Research TL1 Training Program helps to cultivate predoctoral and postdoctoral scholars’ careers in translational research through scholarly seminars, training courses, and mentorship opportunities.

The Clinical and Translational Science Mentor Development Program trains junior faculty members at NYU Langone to become effective translational research mentors.

The Clinical and Translational Science Awards Scholars Program (KL2) provides partial salary support junior faculty for two years, while they take courses in grant writing, complete the Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) program, complete a research project, attend monthly cohort meetings, and participate in mentorship experiences.

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute Online Learning Programs offer self-paced, online training in partnership with the Institute for Innovations in Medical Education for medical students, graduate students, and house staff who are undertaking a translational research project.

Postdoctoral Training

NYU Langone’s postdoctoral training program lists available postdoctoral positions, offers resources for postdoctoral fellows, provides professional development tools, and details training programs.

Postdoctoral training resources include a new postdoctoral position form, which enables faculty and administrators to post available postdoctoral fellow positions; and resources for postdoctoral fellows, which provides a checklist for incoming postdocs, benefit information, and tips for international fellows.

Clinical Research Study Team Guide to Training

The clinical research study team guide to training offers coursework for clinical research staff working with human subjects and their data (Kerberos ID and password required).