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Anatomic Pathology Services Autopsy Pathology Services

Autopsy Pathology Services

The Department of Pathology’s autopsy service at NYU Langone and NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue is directed by Kristen Thomas, MD, and managed by a team of board-certified autopsy pathologists. All of our autopsy pathologists have advanced certifications in one or more fields, including forensic pathology, pediatric pathology, neuropathology, and molecular pathology.

Our expert staff provides morgue and autopsy services to all patients who pass away at NYU Langone hospitals including Tisch Hospital, Kimmel Pavilion, NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital, and NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn. We can perform a requested autopsy on any patient who dies at any of our clinical sites or contracted affiliation sites, and on any person who had been a registered patient at NYU Langone within the preceding six months, at no cost to the family. We do not provide private autopsy services. A list of private autopsy service providers is maintained by the College of American Pathologists and the National Association of Medical Examiners.

Our primary focus is to perform a thorough and detailed postmortem examination in order to provide an accurate and complete clinicopathological correlation to the legal next-of-kin and the treating clinical team. We perform approximately 150 postmortem examinations each year. All autopsies are directly supervised by a pathologist who is board-certified in anatomic pathology, and we perform autopsies on patients of any age. We offer complete postmortem examinations, including a detailed examination of the brain and spinal cord conducted by one of our highly trained neuropathologists.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with guidance from New York State and federal authorities, NYU Langone retains the right to decline to perform an autopsy based on an evolving policy. Please contact us with questions.

Learn more about reporting a death to the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner and New York State policies and procedures regarding the disposition of a deceased person.

Turnaround Time

A preliminary report, also known as a provisional anatomic diagnosis (PAD), is available within two working days. The final autopsy report, also known as a final anatomic diagnosis (FAD), may take up to 60 working days (approximately 3 months) to complete, as an FAD requires a thorough clinical investigation, a gross and histological examination, ancillary testing, and a clinicopathologic correlation that summarizes the entire case and includes a cause of death statement.

Please note that only the person or persons who gave permission for the autopsy may receive a copy of the autopsy report.

Autopsy Pathologists

Arline Faustin, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology

Margret S. Magid, MD
Professor, Department of Pathology
Division of Pediatric Pathology

Kristen Thomas, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology
Director of Autopsy Pathology Services
Director of Pediatric Pathology and Pediatric Autopsy


Arline Faustin, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology

Rebecca D. Folkerth, MD
Clinical Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine

Matija Snuderl, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Pathology

Christopher M. William, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Departments of Pathology and Neurology

Thomas M. Wisniewski, MD
Professor, Departments of Pathology, Neurology, and Psychiatry

David Zagzag, MD, PhD
Professor, Departments of Pathology and Neurosurgery

Morgue Supervisor

Dorian Acosta

Contact Us

All autopsy examinations are performed in our Morgue/Autopsy Suite located in the Smilow Research Center, which is adjacent to Tisch Hospital in Midtown Manhattan. Our office is located in Tisch Hospital, room 412.

For inquiries relating to autopsy pathology services at NYU Langone, please call 212-263-5470.