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Center for Opioid Epidemiology & Policy Research Center for Opioid Epidemiology & Policy Publications

Center for Opioid Epidemiology & Policy Publications

Researchers in NYU Langone’s Center for Opioid Epidemiology and Policy publish on a wide range of topics related to the opioid crisis.

Recent Publications

Trends in marijuana use in two Latin-American countries: an age, period, and cohort study

Castillo-Carniglia, Alvaro; Rivera-Aguirre, Ariadne; Calvo, Esteban; Queirolo, Rosario; Keyes, Katherine M; Cerdá, Magdalena

Addiction. 2020 Nov ; 115:2089-2097

The Impact of Various Risk Assessment Time Frames on the Performance of Opioid Overdose Forecasting Models

Chang, Hsien-Yen; Ferris, Lindsey; Eisenberg, Matthew; Krawczyk, Noa; Schneider, Kristin E; Lemke, Klaus; Richards, Thomas M; Jackson, Kate; Murthy, Vijay D; Weiner, Jonathan P; Saloner, Brendan

Medical care. 2020 Nov ; 58:1013-1021

Financial Payments to Teaching Hospitals by Companies Marketing Opioids [Letter]

Anderson, Timothy S; Krieger, Maxwell S; Marshall, Brandon D L; Cerdá, Magdalena; Hadland, Scott

Journal of general internal medicine. 2020 Oct ; 35:3108-3110

Medical Marijuana Laws and Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana and Alcohol

Fink, David S; Stohl, Malki; Sarvet, Aaron L; Cerda, Magdalena; Keyes, Katherine M; Hasin, Deborah

Addiction. 2020 Oct ; 115:1944-1953

Adolescent-Serving Addiction Treatment Facilities in the United States and the Availability of Medications for Opioid Use Disorder

Alinsky, Rachel H; Hadland, Scott E; Matson, Pamela A; Cerda, Magdalena; Saloner, Brendan

Journal of adolescent health. 2020 Oct ; 67:542-549

Predicting the Future Course of Opioid Overdose Mortality: An Example from Two US States

Sumetsky, Natalie; Mair, Christina; Wheeler-Martin, Katherine; Cerda, Magdalena; Waller, Lance A; Ponicki, William R; Gruenewald, Paul J

Epidemiology. 2020 Sep 21;

Firearm suicide mortality among emergency department patients with physical health problems

Goldman-Mellor, Sidra; Hall, Carlisha; Cerdá, Magdalena; Bhat, Harish

Annals of epidemiology. 2020 Sep 17;

Identifying sensitive periods when changes in parenting and peer factors are associated with changes in adolescent alcohol and marijuana use

Prins, Seth J; Kajeepeta, Sandhya; Pearce, Robin; Beardslee, Jordan; Pardini, Dustin; Cerdá, Magdalena

Social psychiatry & psychiatric epidemiology. 2020 Sep 11;