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Community Service Plan Brooklyn Health & Housing Consortium

Brooklyn Health & Housing Consortium

The Brooklyn Health & Housing Consortium (Brooklyn Consortium) is a collaborative network of healthcare, housing, homeless and social services organizations, and government partners with the shared goal of improving health equity and housing stability. We do this by fostering cross-sector relationships, informing policy, and building the capacity of frontline workers to support people with unmet health and housing needs.

The Brooklyn Consortium formed after a year-long assessment of the community health and housing needs of Sunset Park and neighboring areas in Southwest Brooklyn, New York, completed in early 2018. It is led by the Department of Population Health and supported by NYU Langone’s Community Service Plan. The Brooklyn Consortium is modeled after and partners with the Bronx Health & Housing Consortium. Together, they comprise the Health & Housing Consortium, Inc.

The goal of the Brooklyn Consortium is to improve outcomes for Brooklyn residents with overlapping unmet health and housing needs. Our team achieves this goal in the following ways:

  • expand understanding of the healthcare, housing, and related needs of people in Brooklyn
  • build and strengthen relationships and communication among stakeholders serving a shared population
  • share, develop, and advocate for resources and policies that address inequities in health and housing, and amplify the work of partners doing similar work
  • support policies and practices that address the impact of structural racism on health and housing

Priority Areas

We prioritize several areas of focus in our capacity-building activities and in our publications and media involvement:

  • providing trainings, events, and activities to educate and build relationships among frontline workers and organizations across Brooklyn
  • exploring best practices and advocating for improved screening and data sharing across sectors
  • lending support and technical assistance to other health- and housing-related efforts to share learning, promote best practices, avoid duplication, and bring successful efforts to scale

Finally, we are developing a vision statement concerning both the need to address structural racism as a root cause of inequities in health and housing, as well as our aim to bring a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens to our organization and the work we do.

Contact Us

For inquiries about the Brooklyn Health & Housing Consortium, please contact