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Community Service Plan Health x Housing Lab

Health x Housing Lab

With rapidly growing health system interest in housing and an increasing recognition of the importance of housing for health, the Health x Housing (“health by housing”) Lab provides evidence-based guidance for initiatives sitting at the intersection of health and housing.

Our lab focuses on the following key activities and focus areas:

  • conducting research to build the evidence base for initiatives, programs, and policies at the intersection of health and housing
  • informing policy and programs related to health and housing through evidence-based advising and research dissemination
  • providing education to expand the reach of practice-relevant evidence on health and housing

We aim to advance health and health equity by contributing toward a future in which all people have safe, stable, and affordable housing. At the heart of our lab is our Advisory Committee, which guides our scope and priorities. The Advisory Committee includes people with lived expertise of homelessness and housing instability as well as representatives from organizations across sectors relevant to health and housing. While much of the lab’s activities are focused locally in New York City, our work is also nationally relevant. We have a specific focus on homelessness, but our scope also encompasses the health impacts of housing instability, housing quality, housing supply, and housing affordability issues.

Housed in NYU Langone’s Department of Population Health, the Health x Housing Lab draws on an understanding of health and healthcare as well as a commitment to population health policy and practice grounded in research and evidence. As part of NYU Langone’s Community Service Plan, our work follows its guiding principles and commitment to improving health equity and addressing the role of structural racism in health disparities through a community-based participatory approach to program development, implementation, evaluation, and research.

Our Core Values

The following values guide our mission and activities:

  • Housing and healthcare are human rights and should be provided as public goods.
  • Healthcare, housing, and homeless services systems should do no harm.
  • Housing and homeless services should foster health and wellness across the lifespan.
  • People who have experienced homelessness and housing instability are experts by experience, and their perspectives and input should be valued, uplifted, and integrated with other forms of evidence such as that produced by rigorous research.
  • Systemic racism—which has produced inequities in housing and health—must be confronted directly, including in developing, conducting, and disseminating research.

Contact Us

For inquiries about the Health x Housing Lab, please contact Ingrid Berthomieux, project coordinator, at