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Health x Housing Lab Health x Housing Lab Team

Health x Housing Lab Team

Members of the Health x Housing Lab team at NYU Langone focus on building and strengthening health equity and housing justice.

Core Faculty and Staff

Kelly M. Doran, MD, MHS
Co-Director, Health x Housing Lab
Assistant Professor, Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine and Department of Population Health

Giselle Routhier, PhD, MSW
Co-Director, Health x Housing Lab
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health

Amy Freeman, PhD, MPH
Senior Advisor, Health x Housing Lab
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health

Sue A. Kaplan, JD
Senior Advisor, Health x Housing Lab
Director, Community Service Plan
Research Associate Professor, Departments of Population Health and Medicine

Ingrid Berthomieux
Project Coordinator, Health x Housing Lab
Department of Population Health

Shaili Gandhi, MPH
Research Coordinator, Health x Housing Lab
Department of Population Health

Harmony Arcilla, MPH, CHES
Senior Project Coordinator, Brooklyn Health and Housing Consortium
Department of Population Health

Advisory Committee

At the heart of our lab is our Advisory Committee, which guides our scope and priorities. The Advisory Committee includes people with lived experience of homelessness and housing instability and representatives from organizations across sectors relevant to health and housing.

Current and former members of the Advisory Committee describe their thoughts on the importance of health and housing.

Alissa Tyghter-Gerald
Catholic Charities Community Services
“Minoritized populations have been historically excluded from secure and stable housing. I seek to ensure that there is increased awareness of the link between housing and health, and also help build toward collective action.”

André P
“I have extensive lived experience in city-funded and religious homeless shelters in New York City, first- and second-person experience with the city's healthcare for the homeless, and the harmful disjuncture of the two systems, and I know my way around mathematical and statistical models, some in public health. I hope to contribute toward better understanding, wiser policy, and elimination of unnecessary suffering. I also write.”

Antoine Lovell, PhD, MPA, MSW
Research-to-Policy Collaboration
"As a scholar–practitioner with lived experience of being unhoused, my contribution to the community is grounded by an understanding of how research, policy, and practice can begin to remedy the social problems connected to homelessness. Specifically, I focus my work on the social determinants of health and their impact on housing and homelessness. I am guided by the notion that good health is more than the absence of disease."

Ashley C. Belcher
Human NYC and Homeless Can't Stay Home
“Health are housing are extremely important to be because I myself have medical issues—and being homeless only makes my circumstances worse. I feel as though more people should care about these two things as a whole because they go hand in hand and make a better lifestyle when used correctly.”

Bea de la Torre
Trinity Wall Street
“Housing is health, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only magnified the intersection between the two.”

Catherine Trapani
Homeless Services United
“Homeless Services United elevates best practices cultivated by mission-driven service providers to improve the quality of housing and services for people experiencing homelessness. We understand that housing is healthcare and are excited to be part of this work.”

Elizabeth Hamby
“Racism is a public health crisis, and one of the ways we must confront it is by ensuring that every New Yorker has safe, clean, affordable housing.”

Erin Kelly
“Collaboration between people who work at all levels in the health and housing sectors will allow us to most effectively promote people’s health as well as end homelessness.”

Frank Toro
“Health and housing are important to me, because having both of them restarts your life over again, from where you left off.”

Kadisha Davis
“When you don’t have your own space, your mental health can decline.”

Katie League, LCSW-C
National Health Care for the Homeless
“Healthcare and housing are both human rights, and we must work to dismantle the social constructs that create and perpetuate barriers to accessing them.”

Lee Isaacsohn
Janian Medical Care Center for Urban Community Services
“At its best medicine helps people live their fullest lives, and access to a safe place to call home is at the core of that pursuit.”

Marjorie Maati Momplaisir-Ellis
Senior Director, NYC Health + Hospitals
“The structural determinants that lead to health disparities also lead to housing disparities. The only true way to establish equity is to create structural changes, and I am a structural change maker.”

Patricia Hernandez, LCSW
Corporation for Supportive Housing
“I’ve seen both professionally and personally how one’s housing instability and lack of housing affects one’s health and overall wellbeing. Housing is health.”

Tracy Nuzzo
“Our current system of dealing with the unhoused population is centered upon a ‘shelter-first’ model, which has only served to exacerbate the problem to a crisis level. It’s time to acknowledge that housing is healthcare and shift the paradigm.”