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Department of Radiation Oncology Research Radiation Oncology Publications

Radiation Oncology Publications

Researchers in NYU Langone’s Department of Radiation Oncology publish their findings in leading peer-reviewed journals. Learn more about our recent publications.

Radiation Therapy for Brain Metastases: ASCO Guideline Endorsement of ASTRO Guideline

Schiff, David; Messersmith, Hans; Brastianos, Priscilla K; Brown, Paul D; Burri, Stuart; Dunn, Ian F; Gaspar, Laurie E; Gondi, Vinai; Jordan, Justin T; Maues, Julia; Mohile, Nimish; Redjal, Navid; Stevens, Glen H J; Sulman, Erik P; van den Bent, Martin; Wallace, H James; Zadeh, Gelareh; Vogelbaum, Michael A

Journal of clinical oncology. 2022 May 13; JCO2200333

Metabolic reprogramming of tumor-associated macrophages by collagen turnover promotes fibrosis in pancreatic cancer

LaRue, Madeleine M; Parker, Seth; Puccini, Joseph; Cammer, Michael; Kimmelman, Alec C; Bar-Sagi, Dafna

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS). 2022 Apr 19; 119:e2119168119

Precision medicine in pancreatic cancer: Patient derived organoid pharmacotyping is a predictive biomarker of clinical treatment response

Seppälä, Toni T; Zimmerman, Jacquelyn W; Suri, Reecha; Zlomke, Haley; Ivey, Gabriel D; Szabolcs, Annamaria; Shubert, Christopher R; Cameron, John L; Burns, William R; Lafaro, Kelly J; He, Jin; Wolfgang, Christopher L; Zou, Ying S; Zheng, Lei; Tuveson, David A; Eshlemann, James R; Ryan, David P; Kimmelman, Alec C; Hong, Theodore S; Ting, David T; Jaffee, Elizabeth M; Burkhart, Richard A

Clinical cancer research. 2022 Apr 01;

Nodal Metastases in Pediatric and Adult Acinic Cell Carcinoma of the Major Salivary Glands

Dublin, Jared C; Oliver, Jamie R; Tam, Moses M; Persky, Michael J; Jacobson, Adam S; Liu, Cheng; Hu, Kenneth S; Vaezi, Alec E; Morris, Luc G T; Givi, Babak

Otolaryngology, head & neck surgery. 2022 Mar 08; 1945998221083094

Treatment for Brain Metastases: ASCO-SNO-ASTRO Guideline

Vogelbaum, Michael A.; Brown, Paul D.; Messersmith, Hans; Brastianos, Priscilla K.; Burri, Stuart; Cahill, Dan; Dunn, Ian F.; Gaspar, Laurie E.; Gatson, Na Tosha N.; Gondi, Vinai; Jordan, Justin T.; Lassman, Andrew B.; Maues, Julia; Mohile, Nimish; Redjal, Navid; Stevens, Glen; Sulman, Erik; Van Den Bent, Martin; Wallace, H. James; Weinberg, Jeffrey S.; Zadeh, Gelareh; Schiff, David

Neuro-oncology. 2022 Mar 01; 24:331-357

Five-Fraction Prone Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation: Long-Term Oncologic, Dosimetric, and Cosmetic Outcome

Shah, Bhartesh A; Xiao, Julie; Oh, Cheongeun; Taneja, Sameer; Barbee, David; Maisonet, Olivier; Huppert, Nelly; Perez, Carmen; Gerber, Naamit K

Practical radiation oncology. 2022 Mar-Apr; 12:106-112

Osteoradionecrosis following radiation to reconstructed mandible with titanium plate and osseointegrated dental implants

Byun, David J; Daar, David A; Spuhler, Karl; Anzai, Lavinia; Witek, Lukasz; Barbee, David; Jacobson, Adam S; Levine, Jamie P; Hu, Kenneth S

Practical radiation oncology. 2022 Mar-Apr; 12:90-94

Toxicity and cosmetic outcome of breast irradiation in women with breast cancer and autoimmune connective tissue disease: the role of fraction and field size

Purswani, Juhi M; Jaros, Brian; Oh, Cheongeun; Sandigursky, Sabina; Xiao, Julie; Gerber, Naamit K

Practical radiation oncology. 2022 Mar-Apr; 12:e90-e100