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Department of Urology Research Urology Clinical Trials

Urology Clinical Trials

Clinical research in NYU Langone’s Department of Urology focuses on evaluating new and existing therapies and diagnostic methods. By objectively measuring surgical success factors such as blood loss and recovery time, as well as following the course of patients’ symptoms over time after their initial treatment, our faculty scientifically analyze which courses of treatment lead to the best outcomes.

Because our faculty members see patients each day in the clinic and in the hospital, their clinical work informs their research. Likewise, their research is ultimately put to use in the clinic. In this way, they strive to continually improve the medical and surgical techniques used to treat urologic disorders.

Urologic Cancer Clinical Trials

Our faculty conduct cancer clinical trials in the following areas both through the Department of Urology and through the fully integrated and multidisciplinary Genitourinary Cancer Disease Management Group of Perlmutter Cancer Center:

For questions about urologic cancer clinical trials, contact Tooba Imtiaz, program manager, at 212-404-4396 or tooba.imtiaz@nyulangone.org.

Non-Cancer Urologic Clinical Trials

Department of Urology faculty conduct clinical trials to investigate new ways to prevent, control, and treat the following conditions:

To learn more about our non-cancer clinical trials, contact Rozalba Gogaj, research coordinator, at 646-825-6356 or rozalba.gogaj@nyulangone.org.