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Urology Publications

Faculty in NYU Langone’s Department of Urology publish frequently in prominent, peer-reviewed journals. Here is a selection of the most recent publications across our faculty.

Who Progresses to Third-Line Therapies for Overactive Bladder? Trends From the AQUA Registry

Jericevic, Dora; Shapiro, Katherine; Bowman, Max; Vélez, Camille A; Mbassa, Rachel; Fang, Raymond; Van Kuiken, Michelle; Brucker, Benjamin M

Urology practice. 2024 Mar ; 11:394-401

Representation Matters: Trust in Digital Health Information Among Black Patients With Prostate Cancer

Loeb, Stacy; Sanchez Nolasco, Tatiana; Byrne, Nataliya; Allen, Laura; Langford, Aisha T; Ravenell, Joseph; Gomez, Scarlett Lin; Washington, Samuel L; Borno, Hala T; Griffith, Derek M; Criner, Nickole

Journal of urology. 2024 Mar ; 211:376-383

Prostate cancer and podcasts: an analysis and assessment of the quality of information about prostate cancer available on podcasts

Scott, Colin; Campbell, Peter; Nemirovsky, Amy; Loeb, Stacy; Malik, Rena

Prostate cancer & prostatic diseases. 2024 Mar ; 27:153-154

Efficacy and Impact of a Multimodal Intervention on CT Pulmonary Angiography Ordering Behavior in the Emergency Department

Gyftopoulos, Soterios; Simon, Emma; Swartz, Jordan L; Smith, Silas W; Martinez, Leticia Santos; Babb, James S; Horwitz, Leora I; Makarov, Danil V

Journal of the American College of Radiology : JACR. 2024 Feb ; 21:309-318

Editorial Comment

Najari, Bobby B

Journal of urology. 2024 Feb ; 211:291

Case Series of Men with the Germline APC I1307K variant and Treatment-Emergent Neuroendocrine Prostate Cancer

Economides, Minas P; Nakazawa, Mari; Lee, Jonathan W; Li, Xiaochun; Hollifield, Lucas; Chambers, Rachelle; Sarfaty, Michal; Goldberg, Judith D; Antonarakis, Emmanuel S; Wise, David R

Clinical genitourinary cancer. 2024 Feb ; 22:e31-e37.e1

Editor's Notebook: January 2024

Rosenkrantz, Andrew B

AJR. American journal of roentgenology. 2024 Jan 31; 1-4

Surgical management of bladder outlet obstruction due to functional and anatomical etiologies in women

Dequirez, Pierre-Luc; Wasserman, Meredith C; Brucker, Benjamin M

Neurourology & urodynamics. 2024 Jan 30;