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Urology Publications

Faculty in NYU Langone’s Department of Urology publish frequently in prominent, peer-reviewed journals. Here is a selection of the most recent publications across our faculty.

A prospective study of cancer detection rates following early repeat imaging and biopsy of PI-RADS 4 and 5 regions of interest exhibiting no clinically significant prostate cancer on prior biopsy

Becher, Ezequiel; Wysock, James S.; Taneja, Samir S.; Huang, William C.; Lepor, Herbert

Canadian Urological Association journal = Journal de l'Association des urologues du Canada. 2022 Dec 01; 16:?-?

Structural or functional defects of PTEN in urothelial cells lacking P53 drive basal/squamous-subtype muscle-invasive bladder cancer

He, Feng; Zhang, Fenglin; Liao, Yi; Tang, Moon-Shong; Wu, Xue-Ru

Cancer letters. 2022 Dec 01; 550:215924

Two-Year Analysis of a New Oral Testosterone Undecanoate (TU) Formulation in Hypogonadal Men: Efficacy, Impact on Psychosexual Function, and Safety

Honig, Stanton; Gittelman, Marc; Kaminetsky, Jed; Wang, Christina; Amory, John K; Rohowsky, Nestor; Dudley, Robert E; Woun Seo, B; Newmark, Jay; Swerdloff, Ronald

Journal of sexual medicine. 2022 Dec ; 19:1750-1758

Oncological and functional outcomes of men undergoing primary whole gland cryoablation of the prostate: A 20-year experience

Tan, Wei Phin; Kotamarti, Srinath; Chen, Emily; Mahle, Rachael; Arcot, Rohith; Chang, Andrew; Ayala, Alexandria; Michael, Zoe; Seguier, Denis; Polascik, Thomas J

Cancer. 2022 Nov 01; 128:3824-3830

The PSR13, a tool for evaluating patient-perceived recovery after vaginal prolapse repair surgery

Brandon, Caroline A; Friedman, Steven; Rosenblum, Nirit; Escobar, Christina M; Stewart, Lauren E; Brucker, Benjamin M

International urogynecology journal. 2022 Nov ; 33:3195-3202


Gonzalez, Ashley N; Jericevic, Dora; Hillelsohn, Joel

Urology. 2022 Nov ; 169:82

Axumin (18F-Fluciclovine) PET imaging in men exhibiting no clinically significant cancer on initial negative biopsy of PI-RADS 4 and 5 regions of interest

Becher, Ezequiel; Karls, Shawn; Tong, Angela; Wysock, James S; Taneja, Samir S; Huang, William C; Lepor, Herbert

World journal of urology. 2022 Nov ; 40:2765-2770

Guidelines for Sexual Health Care for Prostate Cancer Patients: Recommendations of an International Panel

Wittmann, Daniela; Mehta, Akanksha; McCaughan, Eilis; Faraday, Martha; Duby, Ashley; Matthew, Andrew; Incrocci, Luca; Burnett, Arthur; Nelson, Christian J; Elliott, Stacy; Koontz, Bridget F; Bober, Sharon L; McLeod, Deborah; Capogrosso, Paolo; Yap, Tet; Higano, Celestia; Loeb, Stacy; Capellari, Emily; Glodé, Michael; Goltz, Heather; Howell, Doug; Kirby, Michael; Bennett, Nelson; Trost, Landon; Odiyo Ouma, Phillip; Wang, Run; Salter, Carolyn; Skolarus, Ted A; McPhail, John; McPhail, Susan; Brandon, Jan; Northouse, Laurel L; Paich, Kellie; Pollack, Craig E; Shifferd, Jen; Erickson, Kim; Mulhall, John P

Journal of sexual medicine. 2022 Nov ; 19:1655-1669