Salary and Benefits

The Office of GraduateĀ Medical EducationĀ at the NYU School of Medicine offers detailed information regarding salaries, benefits, policies and procedures, etc. as they relate to residents and fellows in their website.

Vacation - Residents are entitled to four (4) weeks paid vacation per year. Such vacation shall be taken at a time in agreement with the provisions of the vacation policy of the Residency Training Program and the annual rotation schedule. Vacation time is not accruable and will not be paid out if not taken during a given academic year.

Leave - Residents are entitled to medical, family, and educational leaves. A Personal Leave of Absence (LOA) may be granted at the discretion of the Program Director. At the time the Personal LOA is granted, a written agreement must be established regarding the length of the LOA and circumstances for re-entry to the program. Also, conditions, such as appropriate medical clearance, must be met before the Resident can return from any LOA. Credit toward completion of the Residency Training Program requirements, with respect to leave time shall be determined by program policy on the effect of taking a LOA on completion of the program.

Professional Liability Insurance - The Resident shall be provided with professional liability insurance coverage for the duration of training. Such coverage shall provide legal defense and protection against awards from claims reported or filed after the completion of the Residency Training Program if the alleged acts or omissions are within the scope of the Residency Training Program. Such insurance coverage does not extend to outside employment.

Medical and Disability Insurance - Medical and disability insurance benefits will be made available to the Resident in accordance with the medical and disability insurance employee benefits of NYUMC or Bellevue Hospital Center depending on which institution has the Resident on its payroll at the time. The medical and disability insurance benefits are described in the new employee orientation materials of each hospital.

For more detailed information, you can download the Office of Graduate Medical Education Manual: