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July, 2017

Liang Luo joins the lab. Welcome!

June, 2017

The lab bids Marae Thompson a fond farewell and wishes her happiness and success in medical school.

May, 2017

The lab just published a stem cell paper in PloS One. Congrats Karin and Nan!

April, 2017

Irma's research group just published a paper in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Congrats Ryan, Mark and Wenxian!

Tetsuo Kobayashi, a former postdoc in the lab just published his first paper (Embo Reports) from his lab in Japan. Well done!

November, 2016

The lab has been so busy that we have been remiss in reporting our latest publications. Check out Lei's paper in Elife which came out earlier this year and Wenxian's Cell Reports paper which is hot off the press. Well done Lei and Wenxian!

August, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Diego Acosta Alvear, a former PhD student in our lab has accepted an appointment of Assistant Professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

July, 2016

Nathan Lents, a former postdoctoral fellow in the lab has been promoted to Full Professor in his academic department.

Check out the lab review on ciliagenesis, hot off the press at Nature Cell Biology.

The lab welcomes postdoctoral fellow Mikito Owa.

Bigyan Bista, a former lab manager (2007-2009) wrote that he was awarded a PhD in Biology from MIT in June 2016. Congrats Bigyan and thanks again for choosing to work for us, years ago!

May, 2016

Alex Spektor, a former PhD student in our lab and who also earned an MD from NYU School of Medicine was just awarded a Burroughs Wellcome Career Award for Medical Scientists. The Career Awards for Medical Scientists (CAMS) is a highly competitive program that provides $700,000 awards over five years for physician-scientists, who are committed to an academic career, to bridge advanced postdoctoral/fellowship training and the early years of faculty service. Well done Alex!

The lab has a paper in press at eLife . Well done Lei, Kwanwoo and Ryan!

The lab welcomes postdoctoral fellow Marion Failler.

February, 2016

Lei Wang was recently awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the United States Department of Defense. Well done Lei!

January, 2016

The lab has a paper in press at PLOS Genetics. Well done Yan and Liming!

December, 2015

Brooke Weckselblatt, a former summer student in our lab wrote to report that she completed Emory.s PhD Program in Genetics and Molecular Biology. Congrats Brooke!

Yan Yang is the newest PhD of the Dynlacht lab. Congratulations Yan!

November, 2015

The Dynlacht lab celebrated its 20th anniversary this month here in New York.
Brian and Irma would like to say thanks again to everyone for coming and contributing to 20 years of fantastic science. We couldn't have done it without you guys!

August, 2015

Eric Wang, a first year PhD student in the Sackler Graduate Program will be doing a rotation in our lab this fall. Welcome!

The centrosome/ciliary group in our lab has just published a paper in Nature Communications located at Well done Jason (Seyhun)!

August, 2015

We are pleased to announce that Diego Acosta Alvear, a former PhD student in our lab has accepted an appointment of Assistant Professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

July, 2015

We are pleased to announce that Nan Zhang has elected to do her doctoral dissertation research in our lab.

June, 2015

Jeffrey Granat, a MD/PhD student will be doing a rotation in our lab this summer. Welcome!

Ryan Malonis has left the lab to begin a MD/PhD program in the Bronx. Good luck Ryan!

Brian and Irma congratulate a former summer student in the lab, Stephen Lewellis for completing the MD/PhD program
here at the NYU School of Medicine and bid him a fond farewell.

May, 2015

The Dynlacht lab congratulates Ryan Malonis on being invited to join several MD/PhD programs.
He has elected to accept the offer extended to him by the Albert Einstein School of Medicine. Well done Ryan!

April, 2015

Nan Zhang, a first year student in the Sackler Graduate Program has started her rotation in our lab. Welcome Nan!

Chris Bowman’s PhD thesis in our lab has been recognized by the conferral of one of just two Sackler Dissertation Prizes conferred in 2015. Well done Chris!

November, 2014

The Dynlacht lab welcomes Liming Hou, an exchange student from China.

The lab has a paper in press and online at Nature Cell Biology. Congrats Chris!

October, 2014

Jemmie Cheng, a former graduate student in the lab and now a postdoc at MIT in Li Huei Tsai´s lab wrote to let us know that her proposal for the Picower Institute's Junior Faculty Development Program Fellowship was funded. The JFDP Fellowship award provides $100,000 per year for up to three years. Well done, Jemmie!

September, 2014

Stephanie Lau will be doing a graduate student rotation in our lab this fall. Welcome!

Ji Li, a former student in our lab , wrote recently to report that he was awarded a Susan G. Komen Postdoctoral Award for Basic Research in Bill Hahn's lab at the Dana Farber in Boston. Well done, Ji!

August, 2014

Chris successfully defended his doctoral dissertation research. Well done, Dr Bowman !

June, 2014

Dan Luciano, a former Dynlacht lab assistant has successfully defended his dissertation research, here at the NYU School of Medicine. Congratulations Dr Luciano!

Jemmie Cheng has accepted a postdoctoral research appointment at MIT with Li Huei Tsai. We wish her the best in everything.

Wenxiang's research has been accepted for publication at PNAS. Well done, Wenxia.

CP110, a gene discovered by our lab in 2002 has now been shown to important for human health.

Check out the Nature News and Views which Brian wrote for the June 4, 2014 issue.

May, 2014

Karin Lilja has joined our lab as a PhD Student. Welcome Karin!

Jemmie Cheng successfully defended her doctoral dissertation research. Well done, Dr Cheng!

April, 2014

The lab welcomes our newest postdoctoral fellow Lei Wang.

Be sure and check out Jemmie’s Molecular Cell article ( volume 53, no. 6, 2014). This article was previewed by a very nice essay in the same issue entitled “A new bump in the genetic landscape.”

Our scientific family seems to growing exponentially, as news from UCSF and Harvard respectively reports the recent arrivals of Ana Sofia Alvear Arias and Kayla Li. Congratulations Diego, Carolina, Ji and Qi!

January, 2014

The centrosome group has a paper in the second January issue of JCB this year.

The transcription group has a paper in press at Molecular Cell.

We thank the NIH and the March of Dimes for supporting this research.

Well done everyone!

December, 2013

The Dynlacht lab congratulates Randy Schekman for winning the Nobel Prize in 2013 in Medicine.

October, 2013

Stephen Lewellis ( Summer of 2006) earned his PhD in the NYU School of Medicine Sackler Program in 2013. His scientific contributions are featured in reports in the Journal of Cell Biology and Cell.

Well done!

August, 2013

Roy and Jason have written some excellent reviews on muscle enhancers and primary ciliary assembly.

These articles are now in press in the journals Epigenomics and Current Opinion in Cell Biology.

Brian Canter has left the lab, and will be starting grad school at Rutgers in the fall. The lab misses him and wishes him well.

June, 2013

The lab welcomes Ryan Malonis, the newest member of our research team. He is a 2013 graduate of Boston College.

Mark Jelcic leaves us for a well deserved vacation before starting graduate school at Sloan Kettering. The lab wishes him success and bids him a fond farewell.

Christen Lennon graduated from Columbia Medical School. Seems like only yesterday, that she was doing her NYU undergraduate thesis work with us. Congrats Christen!

May, 2013

Le laboratoire Dynlacht félicite Alexandre Blais pour sa récente promotion au grade de Professeur Agrégé avec titularisation.

Ji Li successfully defended his dissertation and becomes the 5th student to earn a PhD in our laboratory.

He leaves us to go to Boston to assume a postdoctoral fellow appointment in William Hahn’s lab at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

We wish him all the best .

March, 2013

William Y Tsang, a former postdoctoral fellow in our lab has his first paper in press as an independent investigator. Congrats Will!

February, 2013

The lab welcomes our newest postdoctoral fellow, Kwanwoo Lee.

Our centrosome group has a report in press at Nature.

December, 2012

The transcription group has a report in press for the middle of this month. Well done everyone!

September, 2012

The lab congratulates Dr. Richard Losick of Harvard University for being a recipient of the 2012 Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize.

August, 2012

Sayonara, Tetsuo! We shall miss you.

July, 2012

The lab welcomes Alice Fok and Volkan Gunduz.

Christen Lennon reports that she is returning to complete her 4th year at Columbia Medical School after completing a one year Doris Duke Fellowship in Joseph Haddad’s lab. Her research resulted in a first author paper in The Laryngoscope entitled "Association of Candidate Genes with Nonsyndromic Clefts in Honduran and Colombian Populations."

June, 2012

Spektor reports that he has completed the clinical part of his residency at Harvard and has chosen a basic science lab for his research fellowship. Welcome back, Alex ! Same as it ever was......

Brooke Weckselblatt reports that she is past the prelims and, will be presenting her work "Large-Scale Sequence Analysis of Translocation Breakpoint Junctions" at the American Society of Human Genetics conference in November.

Nathan Lents was tenured at the Associate Professor level in 2011 at CUNY. Congratulations Nathan!

April, 2012

Vasupradha Vethantham PhD leaves our lab with a very nice MCB paper this year.

Check it out in the Extra, extra section of our web site. We wish her all the best.

Our transcription group will welcome a new team member this summer.

January, 2012

The lab has a paper in press at MCB. Congratulations everyone !

We welcome Wenxiang Fu PhD to the lab.

September, 2011

Kelly Suchman, our summer high school student from 2010 reports that she has chosen Southern over Northern Ivy for her undergraduate studies. Brian, Irma, Mark and the lab extend to her our best wishes.

August, 2011

Chris Bowman was just awarded a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award to support his predoctoral research in the lab. Congratulations !

We welcome Seyun (Jason) Kim PhD to our lab.

William Tsang PhD , a former postdoctoral fellow wrote recently that he has been awarded a Canadian Institute of Health Research Grant to support research in his lab. This type of award is equivalent to a NIH grant in the United States. All the best, Will !

July, 2011

We are pleased to announce that Yan has passed her doctoral prelim exam.

Brian Canter, a member of the 2011 graduating class at Tufts, joins our research group. Welcome!

June, 2011

Our centrosome group now has a paper in press at Cell.

Congratulations everyone !

May, 2011

Brooke Weckselblatt, our 2009 summer undergraduate student from Bryn Mawr wrote to say " I recently chose my dissertation lab at Emory. I joined Katie Rudd's lab in Emory's Department of Human Genetics, and will be pursuing a project on chromosome structural rearrangements and mapping nuclear organization. "
Ah, how quickly they grow up…………

April, 2011

The transcription group just got a paper accepted at PNAS . Congratulations Patrik, Vasoo and Roy !

More to come soon………

March, 2011

Christen Lennon, a Dynlacht lab alumnus (NYU undergraduate thesis) wrote recently to let us know that she has been selected to receive a Doris Duke Medical Foundation Clinical Fellowship for Medical Students. She will take a year off from medical school to investigate the genetics of cleft lip/palate at Columbia. Congratulations Christen, and good luck in your new lab.

January, 2011

Hieu Cam, the lab’s first PhD student, wrote to tell us that he just got his first research grant for his lab at Boston College from the March of Dimes. All the best, Hieu !

December, 2010

Vincent has been named a recipient of the Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund (DURF) grant for the Fall of 2010. Congratulations!

Chris has passed his doctoral qualifying exams. Good job!

October , 2010

The lab now has a paper in press at Molecular and Cellular Biology.
Good job, Chris !

Vasupradha Vethantham PhD has been awarded a highly competitive postdoctoral fellowship from the American Cancer Society. Congratulations!

September, 2010

Yan Yang has joined our lab to do her PhD dissertation research.

Vincent Dodson will be doing a NYU undergraduate honors thesis research project in our lab.

Mary’s paper is now in press at Embo Reports. Congratulations!

July, 2010

Jemmie and Ji have passed their doctoral qualifying exams . Good job, guys!

June, 2010

Brooke Weckselblatt, our Summer of 2009 undergraduate from Bryn Mawr, wrote recently to say that she will be starting her PhD at Emory University this fall. Brian, Irma, and all the lab send her their best wishes.

September, 2009

The Dynlacht lab welcomes Evgenia Korol, Jiqiang Lin and Yun Lu, PhD graduate students who are rotating in our lab this fall.

August, 2009

Jemmie Cheng has chosen to do her PhD research in our laboratory. Chris Bowman has completed the first 2 years of his MD degree program. He has returned to the lab to begin his PhD research project. Jemmie and Chris will be joining our transcription group. Welcome!

July 2, 2009

Diego Acosta Alvear, a former graduate student in the lab wrote recently to tell us that he was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship through the Irvington Institute Fellowship Program of the Cancer Research Institute. Congratulations Diego!

June 20, 2009

Bigyan Bista has left the lab to pursue a PhD in Biology at MIT this fall.
We will miss him and wish him all the best.

Brooke Weckselblatt , an undergraduate from Bryn Mawr joins us
for the summer. Welcome Brooke!

June 2009

Alex Spektor, a former PhD student from our lab, graduated from the MD portion of his dual degree program this month. He will be doing his internship in Internal Medicine at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Harvard Radiation Oncology Program in Boston, Massachusetts. Good luck Alex, we will miss you.

Ji Li has chosen our lab to do his PhD research.

Mark Jelcic (NYU, Class of 2009) will be joining our research group this June.

Welcome Ji and Mark !

March 25, 2009

Brian , Irma and the Dynlacht lab would like to thank Lili and Ram and all the members of their respective laboratories for the last 3 years or so. It was a pleasure having everyone on the 11th floor. Together, we faced the challenges of moving to a new building and the flood of 2008. You guys were terrific neighbors. We shall miss you.

March, 2009

The centrosome group’s Developmental Cell paper is now in press.
The scheduled publication date is sometime this May.
Well done , William, Alex, Sangeetha, Bigyan and Ji !

December, 2008

The lab welcomes postdoctoral fellow Vasupradha Vethantham . Vasu comes to us from Jim Manley’s lab at Columbia University and will join our transcription group.

She formally joins the lab on January 20th.

November, 2008

The transcription group in the lab just got a paper accepted to Genes and Development . The expected publication date is Jan 1, 2009. Good job , Patrik!

Our collaboration with Danny Reinberg in Molecular Cell is now on line.

October, 2008

The transcription group in the lab just got a paper accepted to Molecular Cell. The provisional publication date is December, 2008. Congratulations Chris !

July, 2008

The lab just got a paper accepted to Developmental Cell on the centrosome project. Congratulations William !

The new additions to the lab have arrived. Welcome Chris Bowman, Tetsuo Kobayashi and Roy Blum.

June, 2008

Congratulations to the centrosome group of the Dynlacht lab! The lab was just awarded a 3 year research award from the March of Dimes for this project

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