Current Investigations

Research in Translational Medicine 

Investigating the capacity of adenosine and its receptors to influence bone metabolism, skin fibrosis, inflammation and the development of fatty liver as well as the role of stromal cells in the development of uterine carcinoma and the mechanism by which calreticulin promotes wound healing.

Bruce N. Cronstein, MD
Dr. Cronstein’s laboratory is internationally known for investigating the mechanisms by which adenosine concentrations are altered in the extracellular space and regulate, via specific adenosine receptors, cellular and organ physiology and pathology in bone, skin, liver and inflamed sites.

Leslie Gold, PhD
Dr. Gold’s research is focused on the molecular pathogenesis of uterine carcinoma and the role of calreticulin in the promotion of wound healing.
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Claudia Plottel, MD
Dr. Plottel’s research focus in both humans and in murine models is the estrobolome, the aggregate of enteric bacterial genes whose products are capable of metabolizing estrogens. 
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Alexander Statnikov, PhD
Dr. Statnikov develops algorithms for analysis of large databases and inferential analysis of physiology and pharmacology.