Promoting Medical Humanities

Erika Goldman, Editorial Director and Publisher, Bellevue Literary Press, Jerome Lowenstein, MD, author and nephrologist, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, Paul Harding, and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian of Polio and faculty member, David Oshinsky, PhD.

The NYU Literature, Arts and Medicine Database (LitMed) is a collection of literature, fine art, visual art, and performing art annotations created as a dynamic, comprehensive resource for scholars, educators, students, patients, and others interested in medical humanities.
About the Literature, Arts and Medicine Database (and how to use it)
This article explains the origins of the Literature, Arts and Medicine Database, as well as what it is and how to use it. In so doing it concisely summarizes the recent evolution of medical humanities.
The Division of Medical Humanities Newsletter is sent to a large contact list every week. Stacy Bodziak serves as editor of the Newsletter. The Newsletter contains annotated references to many aspects of Medical Humanities as well as a listing of Medical Humanities-related events held at NYUMC/NYU or in community settings. Read recent issues of the Newsletter. Contact Stacy Bodziak to request email receipt of the Division of Medical Humanities Newsletter.
The Division of Medical Humanities is home to two unique publishing projects: the Bellevue Literary Review, a literary magazine that creatively explores a broad array of issues in medicine and society through fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, and the Bellevue Literary Press, first and only nonprofit press publishing literary fiction and nonfiction at the intersection of the arts and sciences.
Lit Med Magazine
Created as a complement to the Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database, this blog is a curated space for critique and opinion in medical humanities and for information about events and conferences in the field.