Rheumatology Research Track Fellowship Program

First Year

While offering the fellow an opportunity to focus on research, we also must provide the requisite clinical training for board eligibility in rheumatology. Therefore, the first year includes six months of inpatient consultation and a longitudinal ambulatory experience in two clinics.

Three months of bench research during the first year should enable the fellows to become acquainted with the ongoing research in the various laboratories so that they can select an area of investigation for the following 1-2 years of training.

Second Year

Each fellow maintains responsibilities in two clinics, but spends the majority of his or her time on a research project. This project is chosen by the fellow from among the broad areas of investigation pursued within the laboratories of each institution, and is supervised by one or more faculty preceptors.

It is expected that each fellow's research project will be of sufficient quality to be worthy of publication and presentation in national scientific meetings. During this year the fellow will be encouraged to apply for longer-term funding support for subsequent career development.

Third Year

A third year of the research track will be offered to outstanding fellows. This year will continue to be devoted to laboratory investigation, with an emphasis on more independent research. Fellows have no mandatory clinical responsibilities other than participation in two clinics.

The third year fellow should have fully defined a question to be investigated and mastered the techniques necessary to seek to answer that question. Research-in-Progress conferences help with the acquisition of research skills and the ability to ask significant questions.