Neurosurgery Department Conferences

The Neurosurgery Department holds intra- and interdepartmental teaching conferences throughout the week, with Fridays devoted to conferences from 7:30AM to 3:00PM. Elective surgery is not performed on Fridays. In these conferences the emphasis is on resident education, as trainees present clinical problems and are questioned in order to sharpen their decision-making. The format is modeled after the oral neurosurgical board examination, thereby ensuring that our residents are well-prepared for this test by the time they finish their training.

Conference Schedule

(* Neurosurgery Department's Conferences)

7:00 AM- Cerebrovascular conference (weekely)
5:00PM - Movement Disorder Conference (3rd Wednesday of every month)

7:00 AM - Spine and Peripheral Nerve Conference – (weekly)
7:00 AM - Multidisciplinary Skull Base Conference" (1st Friday of the monthly) ENT, neuroradiology and neuro-ophthalmology
8:00 AM - Neuro-Oncology Tumor Board (weekly)
9:30 AM - Neurosurgery Grand Rounds (Quality Improvement, Unknowns, Morbidity and Mortality, Visiting Professor Speakers)
8:00 AM - Clinical Neuroscience Conference (quarterly)
12:00 PM - Pediatric Neurosurgery Case Conference (weekly)
1:00 PM - Chairman Rounds (weekly)

Clinical Neuroscience Clinicopathological Case Discussions

These classic clinicopathological conferences are based on one case presentation. Cases selected and presented by members of the Departments of Neurosurgery and Neurology on an alternating basis. Cases are chosen for their broad educational appeal and may include diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. Mature cases with good longitudinal follow-up and multiple therapeutic issues are also included. Neurosurgery, neurology, neuroradiology, and neuropathology residents and faculty members are encouraged to attend. 

Conference Structure

  • Patient history and physical details are presented by neurosurgery or neurology residents or faculty members. For each session, the presenter directs the conversation and asks questions.
  • Discussion by neurology or neurosurgery residents and faculty
  • Presentation of imaging by neuroradiology team members
  • Group discussion and questions
  • Presentation by neuropathology team members
  • Presentation of pertinent background material and topic review

Conference Timeline

  • 20 minutes for the presentation and discussion
  • 10 minutes for radiology and further discussion 
  • 30 minutes for pathology presentation, a short talk on the clinical pathological relevance, and final question and answers

For more event information, view our department calendar.