Other Departmental Courses and Events


In addition to our weekly conferences, the Department of Neurosurgery provides ongoing medical education for our residents, including:

  • Cadaver dissection
  • Surgical case simulation
  • Morbidity and mortality conferences
  • Other miscellaneous educational events
  • Annual Gamma Knife Radiosurgery training program

We also hold a number of departmental events for residents throughout the year. These include the following:

Monthly Journal Club. NYU Neurosurgery Journal Club is held monthly for residents and faculty to discuss topics and articles of interest. Discussions focus on the research conducted, and also on the authoring, review, and publication processes. The event is held either in the hospital or at other locations.

NYU Neurosurgery Journal Club high atop midtown Manhattan.


Epilepsy Journal Club. At this event, held every Wednesday at 8 am, attendees discuss specific epilepsy-related topics presented by faculty members, and often hear presentations from invited lecturers as well. Location: The conference room at the NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, 223 E. 34th St. in Manhattan.

Annual Neurosurgery Charity Softball Tournament. This yearly event typically takes place sometime in June. For more information, click here.

Graduation Ceremony & Dinner for Outgoing Residents (mid-May)

Visiting Professor Dinners and Lunches (throughout the year)

Departmental Holiday Party (late December/early January)

Other social events as planned by residents and faculty