The NYU Department of Ophthalmology has a unique mentoring system that help guide our residents through their training, strengthening and encouraging them for their future careers.

Every first year resident is assigned a senior "buddy" who can help guide them and serve as a touchstone as they acclimate during their first year. Each second year resident is also assigned a third year surgical buddy who will guide them through the process of approaching ophthalmic surgery, as well as day-to-day logistics of the operating room.

Each incoming first year resident is also assigned to a junior faculty member, with whom they are expected to meet with at least quarterly.  The goals of the meetings in the first year are to provide support and guidance as the resident settles in to the ophthalmology residency, and to set specific goals and milestones throughout the first year. During the second year, once a resident has decided on their post-residency plans, a second mentor will be assigned specific to their subspecialty.  This mentor will provide insight into their field and be able to advise on fellowship and job application processes.