About the Program

Rusk Rehabilitation at NYU School of Medicine (Department of Rehabilitation Medicine) currently offers a 3-year residency program to achieve broad clinical competency in PM&R.  In addition, the Department offers specialized training with 1-year fellowships in both Sports Medicine and Brain Injury Medicine and a 2-year fellowship in Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine.

The PM&R residency and fellowship training programs are fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

Residency and fellowship training at Rusk is a diverse experience in which residents establish a foundation and begin to construct the framework of knowledge that will pave their careers and place them at the forefront of medicine.

Graduates are fully prepared to enter academic medical practice, community-based practice or fellowship training and will flourish in any environment.

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Here are some recent comments from the students who rotated through Rusk rehabilitation:

“Overall, I felt the rotation was very well structured with a great balance between inpatient and outpatient exposure. Both endings and residents were always motivated to teach and have us involved in patient care.”

“One aspect of the program that I believe is very important is Dr. Moroz and the entire department being open and receptive to residents’ suggestions or concerns about the program. It creates a positive and excellent overall learning environment.”

“I very much enjoyed the diverse clinical experiences, as this was an excellent learning opportunity and a great reflection of the program strength. Online modules were a great and wonderful resource. All of the residents were willing to teach and made me feel like a part of the team. I wish I could spend another four weeks here.”