Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency and Fellowship Programs

Rusk Rehabilitation offer trainees a three-year path to achieve broad clinical competency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and one year pathways in Brain Injury Medicine, Pediatric Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine.

We are committed to clinical training, emphasizing a well balanced, hands-on experience in physiatry that prepares residents and fellows equally well for careers in general physiatry or physiatry subspecialties.

Our Vision Statement

  • Being the best training program in PM&R, brain injury medicine, pediatric rehabilitation and sports medicine in the United States.
  • Attracting exceptional students and residents by maintaining a strong, solid reputation and aligning the educational program with resident and fellow interests.
  • Providing broad-based training that encompasses all areas of PM&R and reflects trends and direction in the field of physiatry and specialized training in the brain injury medicine, pediatric rehabilitation and sports medicine specialties.
  • Training the PM&R leaders of tomorrow.

Program Overview

  • Rusk Rehabilitation at NYU School of Medicine (Department of Rehabilitation Medicine) currently offers a 3 year residency program to achieve broad clinical competency in PM&R. 1 year fellowships are offered in brain injury medicine and sports medicine while a 2 year fellowship is offered in pediatric rehabilitation.
  • The PM&R residency and fellowship training programs are fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).
  • Residency and fellowship training at Rusk are diverse experiences in which residents and fellows establish a foundation and begin to construct the framework of knowledge that will pave their careers and place them at the forefront of medicine.
  • Graduates are fully prepared to enter academic medical practice, community-based practice or fellowship training and will flourish in any environment.