CHBC Data Repository

As part of an initiative to facilitate communication and collaboration within the Department of Population Health, the NYU Center for Behavioral Change (CHBC) will begin providing access to several of the proprietary datasets within the Center. Below you will find links to several of the projects and datasets developed here at the CHBC. Each dataset has information provided about the original goal of the project, basic descriptives of the sample, a description of the variables/measures for each dataset and a list of previously published research using the dataset.

Data from the CHBC’s projects are being provided to collaborators to promote clinical and scientific understanding. The data are to be used only for the analyses approved by the CHBC’s Study Oversight Committee (CHBC’s Statisticians, Project’s PIs). By submitting a concept sheet, you agree to:

  1. Gain approval from the CHBC for all concepts, data analyses, professional presentations and publications resulting from CHBC’s data;
  2. Abide by specified authorship guidelines;
  3. Agree to submit a copy of the syntax and output of your analyses to be verified by CHBC’s statisticians prior to publication;
  4. Agree to have the manuscript removed from you if you fail to abide by the established deadline for manuscript completion.

To request data for a particular hypothesis, you will need to complete the CHBC manuscript proposal form/concept sheet linked below. You will then need to email the completed form to the primary contacts for the study of interest. These contacts can be found on the main page of each linked dataset description. Your proposal will then be reviewed by faculty and staff of the CHBC. If approved, you will be provided the required data for your research question.

CHBC Manuscript Proposal Form